Bela Lugosi’s Dead


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Let me be honest with you: I can’t stand this song.

I downloaded it without listening first (a mistake), and I cannot fathom why anyone likes it. Out of all the Goth-type songs that I have ever heard referenced, this is number one…but all it is is long and kind of annoying.

I think this is the song responsible for keeping me from delving further into the older music from this genre…because I just don’t get it, I guess. *shrugs* …I’ve gotten too fond of music with twinkles.

But since it is a very well-known song from the Goth-type genres, and since it is about an actor who is famous for his theatre and film portrayals of Dracula in the 20s and 30s, I have it in my countdown. Because if you’ve heard of it, you may as well give it a listen. Maybe you can explain to me what merits it has that I may have overlooked, eh?

In other news: happy cat is very happy because he’s finally allowed out of his crate and doesn’t have to wear his cone anymore. Yay, happy cat! ^_^

Also, I clocked out with, like…51.5 hours for the week, so yay getting paid.

Tomorrow is my day off, so I need to sleep…because then Saturday I have a 16 hour shift again…and that’ll be a good time closing, I think, because my closing supervisor will be there all day, too. I was hoping at least one of us wouldn’t be stupid tired, but nah…

Anyway. Off to harvest some Zs.

Dead Man’s Party


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Back when I was doing a Goth show for my university station, one of my professors (who actually cared a little bit about what I did) told me this was a cover of a song by a band called Oingo Boingo…today is the first day I ever even bothered listening to the original, and I don’t fancy it at all. Blegh.

This version is a lot more electronic, for sure…and, of course, about partying with the dead and wondering if maybe you’re dead too, and then kind of…meh. Not caring. Because when you’re dead, apparently you just don’t even care about some things (like whether you were actually invited to all of these parties).

If only I could stop caring so much, but not be dead. :P

Went to see The Martian with Jesse today. It was a decent movie, but looooong. Not boring like I thought Interstellar was though, so that’s good.

Went for iced cream, then had a loooong conversation off and on about getting married and finances. They are my least favourite conversations, I assure you. -_-”
Still…I guess it’s not as bad as I thought before we talked about it more. Ugh.

Also…I feel really sick. Like…so sick. I am moving much more slowly than usual, but I am needing to just go get in bed and sleep forever. And hopefully not wake up in a few hours and vomit over the side of my bed.

Looking forward to that not happening.

The Masquerade


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Because this is really what we think of when we think of Halloween…

Costume parties are great. I like dressing up as things. It’s easier to talk to people when you’re in a costume, too, I think. Because, as in this song…you’re not you. You’re a different thing, and rather than making boring or depressing small talk, you can talk instead about the thing that you are not really. That’s usually fun. And I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this. (After all, I’ve met at least one other wolf creature.)

Too bad the Halloween season is usually the only time it’s “okay” to do this, eh?

Now, about Voltaire…I think I’ve been to five of his shows since I started listening to his music in college. That’s kind of a lot for me because I don’t go out much anymore…but it’s always worth it because he’s probably also the friendliest musician I’ve ever encountered. We’ve spoken at every one of the shows I’ve been to, and I’ve been to enough concerts in my short life to know that you don’t see a whole lot of performers who are so patient and who care about their fans so much that they take the time to talk to as many as they can after every show, but I really appreciate that he makes that extra effort, despite how exhausting or tedious it must get.

That’s all I’ve got for music today…and now I must go to bed soon so I can get up tomorrow and go spend some time with my Jester.

This next week’s gonna be a bit rough…I’ve got 52 hours scheduled, which is almost 10 more than my average…and that’s not taking into account the possibility of my having to stay past my scheduled time out on the nights I close…

But I’m not complaining: I asked for this, didn’t I?

And…on the upside, our other manager is not fired (whew!), aaaaand the moment I stepped into the office today, my boss had two Nerf guns aimed at me and announced–no “hello” or anything–that we were going to negotiate a truce so that I won’t shoot him with rubber bands anymore. Lolz. :P

And I got my refund for the antibiotics that my kitty didn’t need. And he’s feeling well enough that he wants to run around and meow at me for not taking him out into the yard. Sorry Deady, but your stitches aren’t healed enough to run around outside yet!

Not a bad day, I suppose.
Sleep. Now.

If I Only Were A Goth


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Ahh…so ridiculous, right?

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to the why of it being in my Halloween countdown. And then I am sharing it with you because it has the added bonus of being set to a little tune from the Wizard of Oz. Need something kind of silly to balance out all those creepy songs, right? :)

Now I just need to find something to take my mind off the anxiety of going in to work tomorrow and finding out whether our other manager is still with us…

As full of myself as it makes me sound…I sincerely wish he’d told me that he was thinking about doing this really stupid thing before he did it so that I could have had the chance to talk him out of it, or at least to cast enough doubt on it that he could have decided differently on his own. :(

…our schedules are usually posted on Mondays, but it wasn’t out either of the times I checked earlier, and that makes me think something bad happened. *sigh* -_-

I’ll know tomorrow, I guess.
And…as anxious as I am feeling about that, there’s also the bit of me that wants to get the schedule for a different reason. I talked to the GM about the cat issues and my wanting to pick up extra hours to recover from how much his treatment has cost…and he said he’s work out a way to get me some more hours for the next couple of weeks, which I am extremely grateful for, even if that means I will probably be working some crew shifts and more opening shifts.

I’ll take it.

And now I will go to bed. After this, because maybe thinking about silly things will make me less anxious. -_-”

Me: Omg. Some of the things that happen at this job are ridiculous. So ridiculous I can barely believe they happened.

Mike T: I’ve thought that too, sometimes.

Me: Have you? Good. Because they tell me that our memories are unreliable, so sometimes I wonder if I fabricated all of these dumb things that I tell people happened. *pause* Except for when that lady threatened to punch my face in. That memory I’m sure of.

Mike T: I’m sure of that one, too.

Me: What?! You weren’t even there!

Mike T: I know. But…I mean, of course she wanted to punch you; you were wearing a Nazi arm band. *trolling*

Me: *goes with it* In my defense–I was told that people like bright colours.

Mike T: Red makes bulls angry though!

Me: I was dealing with an angry lady, not a bull! Besides, that’s a myth. They attack the cloth movement, not the colour.

Mike T: Oh. *pause* Just imagine if it had been a bull.

Me: …how did this conversation turn into a story about me being a Nazi matador?

Mike T: *laughs*

The Dark Romantics


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Good news. Kitty’s checkup says he’s doing well.

Last Tuesday, he had surgery for bladder stones, and he seemed to be doing alright after that…but Friday he went to the animal hospital because he was vomiting blood. -_-”

They looked him over, and determined that his pain medication was probably the culprit, since it was an NSAID and affects animals the same way it affects people, with the potential for nausea and stomach bleeding. They gave him a medicine for the nausea and an antibiotic injection so we wouldn’t have to give him the antibiotic pills anymore, since that could also make it worse…

But as of today he’s not bleeding from every orifice…the vet charged me for additional antibiotics today which I didn’t know we didn’t need because I wasn’t actually there when they gave him the injection at the animal hospital (I found that out later), but when I came home with them, my dad called and asked if we should still give them to him since he’d gotten an injection, and they said no…I’m hoping they will refund me tomorrow when I bring the unopened antibiotics back, but we’ll see. :/

Now, more musics.

Ah, the melodrama and cliché of being a goth-type.

I think I like this song so much because it is affirming the sorts of the things that people who are into spooky, dark stuff like…and at the same time, acknowledging that it is kind of ridiculous and not everyone gets it.

That sums up pretty well the entire Halloween season…people who like it REALLY like it because it’s fun or interesting or because there’s free candy or alcohol (depending on what kinds of holiday activities you’re into), and people who hate it REALLY hate it because it’s pointless or because it’s “demonic” or because of people putting razor blades and needles into trick-or-treat bags.

But…I like it. So there’s that.
And also, this guy’s wife made my wedding dress for free, so that’s exciting and The Awakening will always have a special place in my little black heart.

Midnight’s Hymn


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Eew. I missed a day. But I’ll make it up.

That only happened because I worked 16.5 hours yesterday. It was something. For real. Nowhere near as bad as working a regular shift at my old theatre, but I am not in a hurry to do it again soon on another Saturday.

Half of our staff were working doubles, so we were all kinds of exhausted…and we hoped attendance would drop by the evening, but it didn’t. We exceeded our audience attendance goals by almost 500 people. And half of that was for movies playing in the last two hours we were open. Whew.

I started slowing down at around 6pm…much earlier than I’d anticipated, which probably comes from only having slept for 4 hours the night before…my GM tried a little to persuade me to take a food break or something (Mike: Maybe fascism never sleeps, but it probably needs to eat sometimes, right? :P), but I didn’t…I am pretty sure I’ve never taken what would count as an actual lunch/dinner break…just…find down time during which to eat my food. *shrugs*

On the upside: extra pay, which I need for my kitty. On the downside…one of our other managers fell for a scam and I am kind of worried about tomorrow because our GM took me aside to talk about what had happened…and I don’t know how much trouble this other manager is in now. It sounds like it could be really bad though, and that’s upsetting. :(

Tomorrow I will maybe have more on that, and another cat update since Deady will have been to the vet twice more since I last posted about him (tomorrow is a follow-up from his surgery).

But right now, here is creepy music again.

This is the first doom band I ever heard, and I was very impressed by the overall style. At the time, I’d never picked up a vampire novel in my life, but without any of the songs being “about” them, vampires were still the first things that popped into my mind. (Ruined cathedrals being a close second.)

It was fascinating to me that a style existed which could so vividly invoke that kind of mental landscape…and while there are other songs that are “about” monsters or whatever, this one I think is still good enough to make it into a Halloween music list because it has those feelings of mystery or foreboding that go into any good spooky story, and the overall season.

(Also, I seriously regret passing up the opportunity to go see this band…when I was in college, they played at an opera house in a city not far from where I live, and I highly doubt I’ll get that chance again. Because Australia is a long way away from Midwestern America… *sigh*)

Dead Souls Dreaming


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I really wrote this yesterday, so it’ll be short because nothing noteworthy has happened in the few minutes between yesterday’s post and this one…

More music, of course.

I forget how I found out about Diary of Dreams, but this is one of the creepier songs of theirs that I am acquainted with. Whenever I hear it, I will probably always think of reading a particular story by Thomas Ligotti…

Vastarien is a surreal story…about dreams that are of a real place, and a book that contains the dreams about this place and that only the dreamer can read…and about someone stealing those dreams…

It’s one of my favourite short stories. If you like creepy things, and are one of those people for whom the dream world is unusually cohesive and real-seeming at times…this is a good story for you.

And there’s a song to go with it now.

(Tomorrow: a post including details about my cat going BACK to the vet because he was vomiting blood. And maybe about how I am successfully ruining every conversation I have with Jester anymore.)

Funeral Night


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Hm. Tomorrow night will be tough. I close, which means leaving at around 2am, and then I come back at 10am and stay through to close again because I picked up a crew shift that we couldn’t get covered…

Reeser needs some moneys though.

Anyway, here is a song about the Reaper coming for you.

This song is so absurd. It includes a lot of my favourite aspects of Goth music, but this a case where even I recognize that people will either love or loathe this song…it has a lot of cowbell. And an organ. And at least one line about tears that is really stupid if you start thinking too much about it. (Heh. My ex hated this song for that reason.)

But it sounds kind of spooky and brings cemeteries to mind. Mine, at least…I used to think of this song when Toni and I went visiting different ones and looking at headstones.



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Ever been so upset that you just really can’t remember what day it is anymore? That was me yesterday. I started October a day early :O

Anyway. I know what day it is for reals now. For really reals. But since I already used my Oct. 1st song, that means I get to squeeze in another song before October ends. (Not that I didn’t already add a bonus one yesterday…I guess I just love cheating :D)

This one has a punk sound, and makes me think of goofy B horror movies and serial killers…

Also, fun fact: this band appeared in a goofy British show called The Mighty Boosh. I never saw those episodes, but if I ever come across a site that lets me stream this series, I am curious to know how they figure into Vince and Howard’s neverending genre battles between jazz and glam-type rock.

And…on a semi-related note, there is a bit from one of their Halloween episodes that always makes me laugh smirk slightly as though I might have laughed once before in my life, but then let that skill atrophy.

I thought I should share it with you.

goth juice

This is Halloween


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O yay–it’s October!

I shall make a valiant effort to not bring you a neverending list of my misfortunes. Instead, we’ll have the Halloween and monster musics I promised you.

Sounds like a good change, right?

For probably the first three years that I worked at the theatre, my nametag said that The Nightmare Before Christmas was my favourite movie, and all told, I’ve liked it since I was probably seven years old. (When I was in second grade, I basically re-told this story for one of out little story-writing assignments…except with cats.)

So yeah. It’s a fun movie…good songs throughout.

I don’t really have much in the way of any holiday traditions anymore because of my job, but I am pretty sure I at least watch this movie once every October. Aaand, once upon a time, before I worked at the theatre, I heard a cover of this song being played in the bathroom at the theatre I ended up working at (how blissfully unaware I was of what my fate would be…), and that was probably also the song that got me to admit to myself that I kind of like some of Marilyn Manson’s songs…

If you’re interested in hearing that cover, here’s a bonus for you.

And, as I launch my campaign to bring you an October soundtrack…does anyone have any good Halloween movies for me to try and persuade my friend K to watch with me when I visit her at the end of the month?


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