Staying Home


Well, I’m a bit late on my updates on life since school started this year. Of course, I’ve been off/missing school a lot already. Back on the 6th and 7th I didn’t go to school because it’d rained a lot around here and we were flooded into our house. Then Monday this week was a holiday, and Tuesday and Wednesday were cancelled because of “snow”. Whether or not that’s the real reason school was closed is debatable, but oh well.

I’m kind of glad I’ve been out of school so much because I hate getting up so early and wearing my pretty (not) uniform and getting home so late and doing all of my crazy homeworks… but I’m kind of sad at the same time because I like going to school and learning and talking to my school friendies, and doing makeup work is never much fun.





We talked about gun control and the death penalty. Great things to start your morning off with. I don’t like guns and I don’t necessarily agree with the death penalty, but I’ve been keeping quiet because I don’t like putting my ideas out into my class to be attacked. A lot of my class all seem to be for violence and death and destruction.



We finished our book. Silas Marner was really short… and had a sort of crummy ending. We’re watching the video of it and the Scarlet Letter instead of having real Bible or English classes lately.



I’ve kind of been helping Sarah in my sister’s class with her math puzzles because we had all the same ones. This was more fun to do than paying attention in choir. I was a little annoyed when she wrote my name at the top of the page and told me to give it back to her when I was finished… I asked how much I was gonna be paid for doing her homework and she said I’d be getting nothing. I won’t be doing homework for cheeky lil’ freshmen who won’t even pay me, lol.



Spirit Week

Last week we had spirit week and got to dress in all sorts of fun (and less fun) ways. Monday was hat and tie day. I had a boring green and navy striped tie to match my green and navy uniform, and I had a multi-coloured little Disney World ball cap with a propeller that I wore up until lunch time. I took it off then because it’s a children’s-sized hat and it was too tight and giving me a headache, but because I’d anticipated that happening and I brought my mafia hat with me as well. I wore that for the rest of the day… we had a lot of fedoras at school… I should get us all together and start a mafia at Madison. It was more funner to wear the propeller hat because I was the only one with that kind… although I did get a tad annoyed with everyone wanting to spin it. Katie asked me at the end of the day if I’d stolen Joe’s hat… I kind of wonder how she coulda gotten the hats confused, because even f they were the same kind of hat, Joe’s had this ugly flowery lookin’ thing on the band.

Tuesday was sports team day. I wore an old Maranatha jersey that wed bought when they sold all of the school’s stuff. My other Maranathian friends liked that we had some reps from the old country. Betsy, Kari, and Stacy also went in Patriot colours.

Wednesday was 50’s day. I hated that outfit… pink and black and poodley skirts… blah! I wore it anyway… although I wonder whether or not it was any better than just wearing my uniform.

Thursday was twin day and at the last minute on Wednesday I found a twin… Shannon said she’d be my twin because she hadn’t found one either, and we just wore jeans and red t-shirts.

Friday was spirit day. I don’t feel very spirited towards Madison though, so I just wore my blue and white plaid shirt… no painting my face or hair, nothing with our school mascot or name on it… nothing much at all. We had a pep rally that was pretty stupid… and I sat in the un-spirited section with Stacy, Joy, Abbie, and Sarah.




It wasn’t really that great. It was nice to go to dinner with Sarah, Leah, David, Luann, Wesley, and Casey, but that was about it. I didn’t dance at all… partly because my feet were paining me greatly, partly because I didn’t want to, and partly because it was more fun to watch everyone else. I really think that I ought to have listened to Joe and not gone, because it was quite stupid. I spent most of the time at the table with Sarah, making fun of people dancing, or trying to hear Abbie (she’d lost her voice and was having trouble speaking), or talking to Lisa (not Lisa from science class) about her old school and about someone who she likes. All in all, I was glad when it was finally over.




We went to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew over the weekend. It was a long drive and I’d only gotten 3 hours of sleep… I can’t sleep too well in the van though, so I was real tired. We went to dinner because it was my sister’s birthday, and went to their house to do Christmas/birthday gifts and stuff. My nephew, Alex, has this scar on his forehead from falling and hitting his head on something… it’d almost be like Harry Potter’s scar except for it’s more like an upside down Y instead of a Z. He wasn’t as loud as he was when last I saw him… although now he knows more words. It was kind of funny because once I started making some barking noises and he’d sort of bark back at me or keep going “Bubba! Bubba!”, because that’s the name of one of their dogs and he barks a lot.



Anywho, that’s what all I’ve been up to lately. I hope all is going well for you and all.


Later days & God bless.