Hey kids. It’s me again. I think I had a pretty fun two days of school this week… kinda sorta. I didn’t really get anything accomplished this weekend, but I guess that’s okay because I went out and had someone over instead and that’s usually a plus.





I forget what we learned about Thursday in class. Friday we had a substitute teacher and he taught us to kill people with dull pencils. He taught us how to hold it and stab it into someone’s neck… poor JD got to help out with the demonstration and he wasn’t too happy about it. I probably shouldn’t share that online though, lest you all think I’m all for violence and destruction like the rest of my classmates are.



We all presented our finance projects and stuff and got to share what we’d learned about debt and stuff. I was the third one to share and what I learned was that I should’ve double checked what I was doing because I think I did it wrong since I finished 11 months ahead of anyone else in my class.



No more Scarlet Letter or Silas Marner! ^_^  We finally took the test over the book and there was this whole vocabulary section on the Silas Marner test that Mrs Jones told us not to do because we hadn’t gone over the vocab stuff… but then she had to go to the office to copy something while we were testing and I decided to wait until she got back to turn in my test… so I filled out half of the vocabulary stuff anyway. I probably could’ve finished it if I’d wanted to, but she came back. When I was at my seat she was flipping through some tests and she saw mine and started laughing and wanted to know if I’d done the vocab for fun… I said I hadn’t anything else to do and Ben said I was weird.


*Study Hall*

Since it’s the 2nd semester now we have a bunch of new kids in study hall. It’s even more crowded than it used to be… ticks me off.



Amy had never had a kiwi before and Paige Smith got a half of one out of her lunch, so Amy was like “what on earth is that furry thing!?” and she started cracking up. So Paige was trying to explain it and then he asked me if I’d ever had a kiwi and I have, but she started laughing and I did because Amy was laughing so hard, and then Paige tried to ask JD if he’d ever had a kiwi before, but it came out “have you had a kiwi today?” and we all started laughing even more… good times  ^_^

Then when we switched spots with the junior high and freshmen, I was talking to JD, Ryan Brown and Todd and we all made the observation that the people you like are never the ones who like you… that was the most wisdom we could find this week. Disappointing, but quite true.


*Study Hall*

I went to talk to Mr Waters about this scholarship competition I get to go to so I can see if Capital University will pay my whole tuition. They already wanna give me $7000 every year to pay for my college. I didn’t even apply for it! It makes me feel special that I don’t even have to ask for it… some colleges just want to GIVE me money  *rolls eyes*   Anyway, so I get to miss school again Wednesday so I can go write an essay on something that I probably know nothing about, and be interviewed about something that I probably don’t know about either. Katie in my class is going to be there the same day as me, too, so at least I’ll know somebody there. Joe already went to an earlier competition, so I was going to call him this weekend and ask about it since I really don’t know what I’ll be doing, but then I decided I didn’t wanna have to talk to their mom again. I’ll probably ask him about it at school to-morrow.

Then I went back to class to read, and Mr Baldwin really gets on my nerves sometimes. I wish he wouldn’t ask me about my books while I’m reading, because I hate being interrupted. Eventually he might understand that I’m reading because I WANT to read… I mean, what class would have me read the LOTR books and then a book about talking cats?



We’ve been having fun decorating the sets for the play. Chris and I have spent the last two classes painting titles onto the bindings of the books on the cardboard bookshelf. Some of the titles I’ve put in are “Cat in the Hat”, “One Fish, Two Fish”, “The Lord of the Rings”, some I made for drama class inside jokes like “Theater Safety 101”, “You’re Bad” by Katy Rose, “Chris: King of the Squirrels”, “Lord of the Trees”, some I made for senior class jokes like “Shut Your Yapper” by Danny Franz (my gov’t teacher), “Where’s Moses?” by the Senior Class 2005 (Moses was kicked out  *sad face*), and some I made for the Maranatha/Invictus kids like “Patriots Pride”, “The King Friday” version of the bible, and “Have You Had Your Kiwi Today?” by Paige Smith. It’s been fun. Other interesting titles are “How to Count from 1 to 10 in 2 Minutes” and “The Rubber Duckie Chronicles”.



We’ve moved class into the science lab instead of the modular building. Mrs Duble gave us a new seating chart too, so we’re in 5 groups of 4 or 5 kids and we have to sit at tables that are spaced kind of far away… and of course, I sit in the back row. It’s okay I guess because I’m with Lisa on my left, Breanna on my right, and Kristina next to her. They’re all kids I talk to. We had a lot of fun Friday because Breanna was trying to steal my paperclip again and wear it… but I am the Lord of the Paperclip, so it will always return to its master *wink*  I think I talked for pretty much the whole class… Lisa did too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her talk so much, but it was okay. We were making jokes about being in a different time zone than our teacher and fun things like that.



Youth Group

I went to youth group and we watched some clips from a movie and Then Jamie talked to us about the importance of friends and what friends should be in your life. How you should care for each other and challenge each other in your Christian walk. He also talked about how most people have friends who drag them down and make them feel bad, or who talk them into doing idiot things or things that could really be a problem later on.

I don’t really think that I’ve ever had a friend who really gotten me into a lot of trouble or tried to make me feel bad (some have made me feel bad, but not on purpose), but I know how that goes with getting into stupid situations with your friends… me and Katy always did stuff like that when we used to hang out a lot. It’s great to have some good friends though (or even just one good friend) whom you can hang out with and talk to and who you can go through life as a Christian with. God has blessed me with some very nice friends, and what’s even better is that God calls me His friend. That’s such a cool thing. I know it’s impossible to be that same kind of friend back to God, but it is good to know that He forgives me for that and that even in times when other friends of mine probably would think I’m the biggest jerk alive, God will never leave me and He’ll still be my friend and I can rely on Him.

What kind of friends do you have?



Weekend Stuff

Stacy and Kaitie and I went to the movies to see White Noise on Friday. It wasn’t really that good… but, don’t talk to dead people. Then we came home after we dropped Kaitie off and Stacy was all creeped out and wanted to know if I’d stay up and watch another movie with her, so I did. Mum rented Napoleon Dynamite, so we watched that. I’d already seen about half of it, but I hadn’t really paid attention… it was quite funny  ^_^   It’s kind of scary because me and Stacy found at least 4 characters that look like people in our old neighborhood and from our old school. Stacy fell asleep in the middle of it though. Then I decided to go to bed and got all freaked out because earlier that afternoon I’d had my CD player on and forgot about it, so I started noticing this blinking, green light and hearing a whirring sound… it really creeped me out after seeing White Noise. I don’t think I should watch scary movies. I don’t know why I do it.

Saturday I slept until almost 2 in the afternoon, then I did some stuff and got ticked off at the internet not working for me, and then Melody called and I talked to her for a while before dinner and then called her back after and talked for 4 something hours. I was surprised when I looked at the clock and it was 1 something in the morning… I guess it didn’t seem like it had been so long because my idiot phone kept cutting out. It was a lot of fun though because we were talking about all manner of nonsensical things that only we can understand… then we were talking about llamas for some reason, and I remembered Tina the llama from Napoleon Dynamite and started talking about her, but I didn’t say anything about where Tina was from… then all of a sudden Melody was like “hey, Reeser, have you ever heard of a movie called Napoleon Dynamite?”, and I started laughing maniacally (I was slap-happy, okay?) and said I had. Melody said she’d only thought of it because the way I was talking was kind of funny sounding like how Napoleon talks. It was really funny that she said that because she told me she hadn’t thought that I would’ve seen that movie, and that’s the same reason I hadn’t said anything about where I’d seen Tina… ‘cause I hadn’t thought Melody would’ve seen it either. I hadn’t even really meant to do imitate Napoleon, but I guess that I do this a lot without really thinking about it. I think I just like to imitate people’s ways of talking way too much… one of these days that will come back to get me. I’m not sure how, but it will.

Then today I went to church and then came home and Katy called me and wanted to know if it’d still be okay for her to come over, so she did and we had been going to go to COSI, but it cost too much, and then we decided not to go to the movies and we just stayed at my house and watched Napoleon Dynamite again and some music videos on TVU, and then we went down in the basement and played air hockey. I lost badly. We played foosball too and I expected to lose that also, but I didn’t because it turned out Katy didn’t know how to play. I wasn’t too much better though, and supposedly I DO know how to play  o.O




I called them back again to try and find out what’s up with them and why they still haven’t called me… if I didn’t love RadioU and want to be part of their ministry, then I’d have given up a long time ago. I really DO want to help them, though. Please pray for them to get back to me soon.

I gotta change my message tonight though, because if they call me during school then they’ll have to listen to a voicemail that sounds like a demon or something, and that would probably be a bad thing… although they did still like me even after they listened to the Homestar Runner message.



So, I hope you kids have an awesome week and that you’ll be very blessed and have a lot of fun in whatever it is that you find yourself doing at school and work. Remember to be good and be safe.


Later days & God bless.