Well… I have made my xanga festive for Christmas.  What do you think? Or is it so terrifying that nobody comes here anymore, ml?  ^_^


Let me tell you what I did at school, this last bit of the semester… since I haven’t told you much about it in a while. I don’t want you to think I’m not still learning and working hard.



I did a speech about animal cruelty (kitties & doggies, no farm animals or things like that) and why it’s important because animal abusers turn into rapists and serial killers. I had only two sad pictures in my power point… one of a starved doggy named Pedro to exemplify neglect, and one of a puppy whose owner cut its ears off with scissors… aaw, the puppy was so cute even with stumpy ears…

It really upset some of the girls in my class though, so I was sorry for that and had to explain that I wasn’t trying to make them sad and I was just trying to show them what really happens to abused animals. Then afterward, a kid named Paul asked me for some info to go volunteer at an animal shelter… so I sent him that by e-mail… hopefully he’ll go volunteer. That would be awesome for my speech to actually have persuaded someone to action  ^_^   I got an A on the speech too.



I got an A on my second paper/presentation which was about red light traffic cameras that take your picture when you run red lights… run stuff.



I turned in 2 more papers… one about the poem where the line “Death, be not proud” comes from, and one about Paradise Lost where I tried to argue that the Satan in the story fell because he was ungrateful… it was hard to think of the characters as not being the ones in the actual Bible, because they weren’t… but yeah… I’ll get the papers back when I take my exam on Tuesday.



I did another paper on the Project 86 song, “Little Green Men”, about how war games are corrupting the youth by giving them access to so much violent media… I’ll get that paper back on Tuesday as well.



I have an A in college math!!! YESSSSSS!!!  ^_^

I was glad to get to tell Mr Gibbs when I saw him at Shannon’s wedding. I’m sure he was proud of me… seeing as how my highest test grades in his math class were usually in the high 60’s to low 70’s…



I almost have an A, but I came off with a 90% which is an A- instead. Unfortunately I have to take the exam because of it. Next semester I’ll have to try harder for an A so I can get out of the exam.


Anyway, I have my exams next week, so pray for me to do well on them. The times are as follows:


SPANISH on Monday from 10:30-12:30

BRITISH LIT on Tuesday from 8:30-10:00, followed by MATH on from 10:00-12:00

SPEECH on Wednesday from 8:00-10:00



I might see about coming to visit you Madisonites during your lunchtime on Wednesday… because I can, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m also going to be doing my Christmas shopping with my mom this next week because it’ll only be me home out of us 4 kids… but yes…


So I’ll see you later and maybe give you a more informative update that is not about school.



Later days & God bless!








Luann: I took that quiz and apparently I’m tater tots as well. We better watch out for JD because he might want to eat us because he won’t go find his own.