I like John Reuben. Really, I do… but I finally listened to this CD again (I’ve listened to it once or twice since I got it…) and it was pretty depressing. Maybe I missed something and secretly it’s not depressing… but I thought it was.


Anyway… I don’t really have much to say that I feel like typing out right now… but at least school is done for this semester. I’m so happy about that.

Today I slept until 1:15 today because I took some benedryl last night. I think I was asleep before 12:30 last night, so that was a lot of sleeping. Then today I didn’t do much… showered, made myself lunch while my mom and dad got Stacy, James and Katelyn from school… then I cleaned my room some and got my new desk moved to where it belongs.

I guess Imma go wrap some presents when I get off. Maybe. I need to go make Stacy mad by asking if we’re going shopping tomorrow because I really need to finish my Christmas stuff… I’m amazed it was so easy this year!  O.O


What else? Hmm…


Well, I didn’t go to RadioU tonight because my mom and dad didn’t want to drive to Westerville with the roads all snowy and icy from today. I don’t blame them… so I called and left Kathy a message instead to explain why I didn’t show up. I feel bad about it though because I even told Chris I couldn’t go somewhere with him tonight because I was going up there to do my volunteer stuff… and then I ended up doing neither. Stupid snow. Why can’t it snow when I don’t have to do anything? *sigh*


What else?


Oh… heh… I’ve volunteered Chris to go see the Nutcracker next week. He doesn’t know about this yet, but I assumed he’d go because I asked before if he’d go (if we got tickets… and we do now) and he said he would  ^_^


Other than this… nothing to add until maybe tomorrow when I feel like typing more. Or something.


Later days & God bless.








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