Hey hey kids. This’ll be really short… but I have some prayer requests. Or… well, really it’s just one request for different people… o.O


There are some (five, actually) people who are pretty dear to me (I know… I never describe things as “dear” to me, but they are) and they’re going through an awful lot right now.

Please pray for them to have peace about life and for God to cheer them up, because some of them are really down for one reason or another. Reeser can’t make everything all better for them, but at least God can, and I hope He will because I hate to see them hurt over things and to have them continually be hammered by one thing after another.


Thanks for reading and for your prayers, all.



Later days & God bless.








Aaron: Homework is meant to be done at home. Maybe that’s why it’s called homework…

            (Bleah… well… at least I won’t have any for a while yet. I love break  ^_^)