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Bleh. I didn’t do super on the exam. I did better than the class average by about 6 and part of a point, but still… I could’ve done better.

We watched clips of volcanoes, and I have to say… lava looks yucky. It looked like orange marshmallow topping.


English Seminar

Turned in the paper. It was two lines longer than 4 pages, but I did the best I could. After listening to people talking about what they all wrote, I kind of wonder if I did the right thing… but I guess I’ll find out.



Dun dun dun! My family listened to me. Yay. You should listen too. 5-7 EST on Fridays.




Not done with my paper. I should technically be writing it right NOW. Bad Reeser.


Electronic Media Writing

Isn’t this awful?:

We had to write roughly a page long fantasy story… and I couldn’t come up with anything out of my head! Sooo, what I did was I adapted the story of Fafnir and wrote it from the dragon’s point of view. Yay.


Radio Production

I need to come up with something random to do a 60sec recording… what randomness should I come up with? Should I even ask questions here, since nobody cares enough to respond to them? What say you?



…isn’t this dry? I could say so much more… but is it really worth it? No. I must be addicted. That’s got to be why I post these. It can’t be because I honestly think they have a purpose anymore.

















You should always make your words as sweet as honey.

For tomorrow you may have to eat them.