1] Who has your heart?

Hey now… this is not like Davey Jones and the Pirates of the Caribbean… I keep my heart where most people do.


2] How did you wake up this morning?

I have a vague memory of my mom coming in and asking if I was going to church…


3] Are you happy with your life?

It can stand improvement.


4] What did you do last night?

Take Chris home.


5] Have you ever been on the radio?

Every Friday, 5-7 EST.


6] What did you drink today?

Propel. Dr Pepper. Cherry Pepsi.


7] Do you like honey?



8] What’s the last thing you broke?

Mmm… good question.


9] Do you know the date?



10] Where’s the last place you went shopping?

Renaissance Festival.


11] Did you sing at all today?

On the inside.


12] When’s the last time you cried?

When’s the last time I answered this question?


13] How many letters are there in your middle name?



14] When did you go swimming last?

I cannot swim.


15] What book did you read last?

The Poetic Edda.


16] How was your day? What did you do?



17] Is your shirt dirty?

No. I don’t like wearing dirty clothes.


18] Do you live near your best friend?



19] Are you a Bon Jovi fan?

I used to like a total of one song by him.


20] Are you scared of snakes?



21] How do you like your meat cooked?

Medium to medium well.


22] Can you play guitar?



23] What do you think of Fergie?



24] Do you read Rolling Stone?



25] Have you seen Titanic?

I wasn’t allowed.


26] Did it make you cry?

No, since I didn’t see it.


27] Last show you watched?



28] Do you like basketball?



29] What eye color do you like?



30] Last time you went out of state?



31] What are you doing tomorrow?

Class, reading, class, recording, and writing papers. It’s not gonna be pretty.


32] Where were you 5 hours ago?

My room.


33] What do you think of your LAST ex?

What ex?


34] Are you wearing socks right now?



35] What are you wearing right now?

Shirt. Jeans. Socks. Slippers.


36] Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?

Fairy wings. Oh yes, it’s true…


37] What is the last thing you purchased online?

Oh, you know… musics on iTunes…


38] Do you miss anyone?

Me. Just kidding.


39] Did you have fun today?

No I did not.


40] Were you a top grade student in school?

Mmm… top grade? No, but I have always been very good. It frustrates me that there is always someone better than me at everything I do.


41] What do you know about the future?

That even if you know it, it’ll still work against you.


42] How old do you want to be when you have kids?

I don’t know. Older than I am.


43] Did you meet anyone new today?



44] How many piercings do you have?










Rich: You could end up being General Reeser Luineving… That has a nice ring to it, lol.

Reeser: lol, now that would be funny.

Rich: Really depends on what army he would be in command of… since there are like ten armies

Reeser: Hmm… I wanna be on the blue team.