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So, Chris and I have started watching some Dr Who DVDs… from the first season.

They’re pretty weird… but I still liked the X Files better.


The lead female character, Rose, kind of gets on my nerves sometimes… and so does her mother.

I’ve discovered that when British women get really emotional and talk loud, that their voices suddenly become a thousand times less attractive.


Oh yes, it’s true.



Anyway, I should go and:

  1. Find some food because I’m starving.
  2. Find a decongestant because I can’t breathe.
  3. Go to sleep because I need to get up around 9:30 tomorrow and continue my investigative magazine article writing… which means I am going to go scour the city for a retailer that sells eReader devices. Or die trying.















“Yes, but there was another who knew where it was to be hidden. I don’t know how long they tortured Gollum, but they were able to extract one sentence from him: ‘The ring is in a K-mart super center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on the corner of 3rd and Main street!’.”

Gandalf (from “The Quest for the Pizza Ring of Power”)