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Bad Reeser.


I think I just did a bad thing… not because what I did was outrightly wrong, but because I didn’t really think about the possibility of someone else getting mad at me.
A stranger, actually.


Bad, bad Reeser.



I don’t know… I feel bad about feeling like I was wrong though… because this other person, I guessed, is probably a Christian. I am, too. We shouldn’t argue with each other.


Guess I’m afraid the person will take what I said the wrong way and come after me. Tell me I’m a pagan and going to hell because my xanga is black and I messed with my profile picture so that it would match… or for a dozen other reasons that they could sift through and find in my xanga.



Isn’t that awful? That I’m a Christian and I’m terrified about other Christians coming along and judging me?

Shouldn’t be that way. Nope, not at all.


Guess maybe it comes from going to so many Christian schools and other groups… church… different denominations’ events…

Got to see the ugly sides of Christian schoolkids and teachers… and parents.

Got to see the different denominations… Baptist, Pentecostal, Southern Baptist, Nazarene, Mennonite, etc… and how they can get along sometimes, but when it comes down to it, they’ll be happy to jump on people who aren’t their particular brand of Christian… although most of them won’t tell you outright that their denomination thinks you’re hellbound just because you aren’t their “brand” of Christian…


Shouldn’t be this way.



I dunno… this past year has been kinda tough on me in a lot of ways (what year isn’t?), and things have been tough between me and God, too… but I still love God.

I’m pleased about being one of His, but I’m not pleased, sometimes, at being a Christian and being seen as a part of this group of people who is always squabbling and condemning each other, let alone the people on the outside.


I guess God knows what He’s doing though; He wants us even if we are a bunch of jerks who hardly ever REALLY understand what this is supposed to be all about.


And if you aren’t a Christian… I hope you can forgive us. We’re still people, after all, and people just aren’t perfect, no matter who they are.















“You know you just can’t kill a man when he’s dead;

you know the Spirit survives.

You can’t stop the advance of the kingdom to come;

you know the Truth is alive”

John Cooper