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So mad.

So mad.

So angry.


I could spit fire.

I just might…


I really hope my university is making a mistake, or there’s gonna be trouble.

For me.

For my doppelganger…


Oh yes… I have one, apparently.

What troublesome things they truly are.



I’m really too distressed to do my homework right now, but I have to do it.

We’ll see what a furious,


angrily flaming

sort of Reeser can accomplish.















“Sir, I read those verses in Titus, and I’m not a Cretin… I am lazy though. Well, and I’m kind of a glutton sometimes… but I’m not cruel! So I guess I’m only a halfway Cretin. Wow.  I am lazy, I’m not even being a good Cretin!”

Gabriel Coyle