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Well, a few entries ago I said I was going to write something about item X and whether it was pathetic or not…I don’t think I will now. Too tired. Too disappointed and frustrated with life…etc. (oh, btw, you can skip this part if you like…skip down to the question game, because that might at least amuse you and make you want to play it, too).


See, I was totally going to argue that X (no, I never said what it was, so don’t go feeling like you’ve been left out of anything) was NOT pathetic, but since my personal levels of pessimism have increased by severalfold since the weekend, I am more inclined right now to write that X is pathetic, and therefore undermine my original intentions, which I don’t want to do because my original intentions were to justify myself and make me feel better.


Never undermine your own plots to make yourself feel better. At least, after everyone else has had a go at fixing you and failed, you’ll still have you…and who knows…maybe you’ll make yourself feel better after all.


Instead I am going to write a little bit about what I did today, and what I need to do or die attempting this week. That’s always fun and makes me feel more organized…mmm…yeah….  o.o


Today I interned, and that was good. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it turned out kind of nicely anyway.

Todd and I edited scripts for some liners, and I know I’ll look forward to hearing them on-air. I’ll know which ones I had a hand in, and when I point them out to Mum and Dad, they’ll be oh-so-proud… *gets all squashy and giant-eyed like an anime character*

Yeah. They will be though, and that’s fine by me.

Heh…Todd made a funny about using the liners on my show at the university. I could, but they would sound quite wrong: uplifting and encouraging—WXCU Darkside! Up Next is Marilyn Manson with “Eat Me, Drink Me”

Yeah. Liners written for CCM formats would be funny on a Goth show. Silly Todd.


Then…Bill showed me how to do an order form thingummy for the commercial time that a company/organization buys. Not, you know…the form that the buyer fills out, but the scheduling form that he has to give to the production and traffic people. Looked confusing, but there’s a nifty program that’s designed to put the form together for you after you enter all the information. Good deal, that.


Then Lori had to leave for a remote event, so I didn’t meet with her after all…instead I worked on emails for Sarah, which is monotonous and exactly the kind of thing I do in my spare time anyway…the monotonous bit, anyway.


Then I stuffed envelopes for Denise and explained some of the finer points about Facebook. I swear that thing is the devil…or a devil, or some variation of demonic…yeah…*holds a meat hook ready, just in case Facebook tries to defend itself*

I don’t even know if a meat hook is a good choice of weapon. Hmm. Maybe I’ll use something else if FB and I ever get into a scuffle.



That was today…what about tomorrow? And the rest of the week?

Welp…tomorrow I gotta see Dr. Griffith about borrowing some Black Sabbath from him to add to the station…and I have to try and talk to Dr. Baggerman for a moment about my media management assignments, and see if he’ll be my faculty mentor or whatever they call it for symposium if Prof. Messinger doesn’t want to do it… then I have to load all our new metal adds and report charts to CMJ, and THEN I have to read and read and read up on Shakespeare because I am SO behind. I am going to be a tragedy myself if I don’t get the reading done sometime soon…

Oh, and I have to go talk to Messinger so I can know if she’ll back my presentation or if I have to go back and email Baggerman that he’ll have to do it. Of course, there;s always the possibility that they will both say “no”, especially with the deadline for abstracts being so close (I have to turn in a 100-200 word summary of my as yet only vague idea for a presentation…by Friday, no less. At least the symposium isn’t until Apr. 15), but I am hopeful that one of them will say yes. After all, it was Messinger’s idea for me to present, and Baggerman would probably back me up since it’s WXCU related and I am a pretty good member of our team…so yes, there’s that.

Then…umm…hmm…I need to email all the DJs with specialty shows and tell them to turn in music updates, and I have to work crazily on Media Management stuff… and maybe I will look for a job. Maybe.


Gah. Sorry. I’m being boring.


You know, I did find this interesting game today, and I didn’t even cheat…I mean, if I had, some of my answers would certainly have been different! Here’s what I found:



Let’s play a game!


1. What is your favorite color?



Now list three attributes of the color you chose.

a. Dark.

b. Scary

c. Impervious


2. What is your favorite animal?



Now list three attributes about your favorite animal.

a. Furry

b. Carnivorous

c. Expressive


3. Imagine with me that you just walked up to a black house. You went in the door into a black hallway. You went up a black staircase. You open a black door at the top of the stairs. The room before you is painted completely white and it is empty. List three words that describe what you see in the room.

a. Blinding

b. Death

c. Angel…but for some reason…no wings?


4. Now imagine we leave that house and go for a walk in the woods. We come upon a waterfall. In three words, describe the waterfall.

a. Wet

b. Rocky

c. Rainbow


5. We leave the waterfall and we go for a walk under the trees. Use three words to describe what you see.

a. Pine

b. Shadowy

c. Quiet


6. Now we are walking along and you see a key. Where is the key?

Lying on a mossy rock. There’s some pinky-red thread in a little hole at the top, like it used to be tied to something and someone lost it.


Do you pick it up?

I guess I do.


Use two words to describe the key:

a. Bronze

b. Cold


7. We continue to walk through the forest and you see something made of glass. What is it?

Mirror? No? …sort of a mirror though. It’s this container thing that’s got that mirror sheen on the outside.


Do you pick it up?

Yes. And I put the key in it.


Describe it in two words:

a. Broken

b. Smooth (except on the broken edges, of course)


8. We walk farther into the woods and you see a bear. Use three words to describe the bear.

a. Shaggy

b. Brown

c. Nearsighted


What do you do?

Watch it. Don’t move.


9. We leave the bear and go on through the forest and come to a body of water. What is it?



Use two words to describe it.

a. Calm.

b. Reflective


Do you touch the water?



How do you touch it?

Ah, but I didn’t touch it, angel. That’s the thing…you can’t just ask me questions and not pay attention to my answers!


10. We walk away from the water and in a small clearing you see a fawn. You are watching the fawn. How do you feel?

a. Happy

b. Curious


11. Suddenly there is a loud noise and the fawn runs away. How do you feel?

a. Upset

b. Worried (about the fawn)


This is what it means. (And remember, this is very scientific.)

1. This is what you are like.

2. This is what you want to be.

3. This represents how you view death.

4. This is how you view sex.

5. This is how you view the rest of your life.

6. This is how you view knowledge.

7. This is your view of religion.

8. This is how you view problems.

9. This is how you feel about the future.

10. These are two emotions you are comfortable with.

11. These two are emotions you are not comfortable with.


So, after all that’s done, this is what I think about this little game:

1. I am not scary. Not that much, leastways.

2. I do not want to be furry.

3. I view death as death? Uh…*blinks hard*

4. Answer c…ugh. I swear something out there hates me.

5. The rest of my life is pine. I shall write a book about me, and it shall be called Life of Pine, and it shall be wonderful and smell like Christmas trees, only not that fakey pine scent that you get in wood polish or car air fresheners…

6. Someone lost it. I found it and picked it up and put it in my little broken religion jar. Yay for knowledge.

7. My religion is broken and reflects things?

8. Problems are shaggy and brown, and can probably not see me if I am reasonably far enough away and stand very still.

9. The future is calm and reflecting…that’s not so bad. What does it mean that I didn’t touch it though? …am I going to die soon? *wide eyed*

10. I’m comfortable with being curious?

11. I’m not comfortable with being worried. That sounds redundant somehow…



Anyway, there it is. My existence, as explained by a silly question game.













“An atheist waving a cross at a vampire was a truly pitiful sight.”


Anita Blake

(Laurell K. Hamilton, Guilty Pleasures)