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Hey xanganites. I am using the interweb in the slightly creepy basement of our new house. Interweb has so far failed to work anywhere else here because the builders didn’t wire things properly and we haven’t been able to get them in yet to fix it…but…um…yeah. I’ve been babysitting puppies for about two weeks now, and unpacking and reading stuff from medieval poets and Douglas Adams, alternately. Yay for Beowulf and space comedy.
Now, if only someone would write an alternate Beowulf, where he does go to space and Grendel is an alien…

That aside, I have not had time to write a Halloween story, so that may or may not happen now. And…um…I have a job interview tomorrow, so if you are of a praying sort, please pray for that to go smoothly. And if you don’t like to pray, the least you can do is wish me luck, right?   🙂

Maybe I will come back with a better post soon. Or maybe not. Hard to tell when I think half of my family is actually still packed up in boxes somewhere…hm. Or maybe they’re at school. Hard to tell.