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30 Day Challenge


Day 13 — A letter to someone who has hurt you recently



This is a dumb challenge. Nobody has hurt me any time recently. Except me, maybe, but we already know where I stand on writing letters to myself. It’s dumb.  😛


Instead, I will post a photo of something that made my day.







Yes. I got a unicorn. I left work and saw that one of the kiosks downstairs had them, and I had been joking off and on for a year that I wanted one…and…well…it came home with me. (I note that I rarely ever buy something on impulse…and I probably wouldn’t have picked this kid up if I hadn’t been joking about it for SO long.)


But…yeah…I was out of there once I got my unicorn. Idk what Imma call it yet, but I’ll think of something…


It’s so fuzzy!  ^_^

Just thinking about it makes me feel sleepy…although that may also be happening as a result of my not getting a very good sleep (AGAIN) and my throat hurting me more than I think is necessary…I feel like those patches on my neck, just under the jaw (I forget what they’re called) are swollen, but Idk. Probably will ask mum when I go downstairs. Since she was a nurse and all.






…I’s excited about my unicorn toy.




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