So, I’m sick and tired, and I tried and tried to fall asleep, but I cannot. My fever is preventing me from getting comfortable enough to let the sleepiness take over, and that’s kind of surprising, since I took some delsym, and supposedly that should make me VERY tired indeed…but not enough to fall asleep, apparently.


To help, I’ve decided to take a mind-numbing survey, which you can (and likely will) disregard.


Tomorrow I go to the doctor, and also must take photos of my shoes to send to K so she can ask her fiancé if any of them is okay for me to wear to the wedding. (I am only noting this down so that I will hopefully not forget to do it.)





Ye Olde Music Survey Tyme!



How many songs do you have?

My iTunes says I have 3294 presently uploaded to my library. It is a pretty substantial number.


Put the bands in alphabetical order – list the first 10 bands from the top:

1. Aaron Shust (only one song)

2. Aaron Sprinkle (only one song)

3. Abigail Williams (…it’s a death metal band. I kid you not.)

4. Ace Troubleshooter (one song)

5. Advent

6. After The Tragedy

7. The Afters (one song)

8. The Agonist

9. The Agony Scene (one song)

10. Ai (one song…again)


And from the bottom:

1. 7 Horns 7 Eyes (one song)

2. The 69 Eyes

3. 38th Parallel

4. 30 Seconds to Mars

5. 3 Doors Down (my sister gave me this and I still haven’t listened through to decide if I even want it…)

6. 2AM Club (one song that I think I got for free and haven’t listened to yet)

7. 24idaho (they went to my church)

8. 22-20s (one song)

9. 12 Stones

10. 104.9 The River (some sweepers I helped make for a local radio station)


Do the same with albums, please – from the top:

1. About A Burning Fire – Blindside

2. About A Girl – Winter Gloves (one song)

3. Accelerate – R.E.M.(one song)

4. Adventures in Tokyo – Calibretto 13

5. Age of Reptiles – Showbread

6. Agony & Irony E.P. – Alkaline Trio (one song)

7. Alien Youth – Skillet

8. All The Houses Look The Same – Deas Vail

9. All The Hype That Money Can Buy – Five Iron Frenzy

10. All Things, Forests – Palomar (one song)


From the bottom:

1. 7 Horns 7 Eyes (also the band’s name)

2. 3 Doors Down (you guessed it…)

3. 12 Stones (I guess if your band has a number in its name, you probably have a self-titled album)

4. 12 Desperate Straight Lines – Telekinesis

5. #1 Club Hits 2010 – Best of Dance & Techno (one song…from Bad Romance. It’s about a unicorn.)

6. Zonoscope – Cut Copy (free songs I haven’t listened to yet)

7. You Gotta Lose (Single) – Obits (another one on my list of things to get to eventually…)

8. You and Isolation – Chemcoma

9. You’ll Wake Up Yesterday – ThouShaltNot (one song…but it’s pretty awesome)

10. Xavier J Presents Electro Wave (I have a thing about getting tracks from electronic & dance compilations, I guess….)


So, what are you listening to right now?

Whisper – Evanescence


How many genres do you have?

Are we kidding? Lots…and even more if I keep splitting into sub-genres…

I have playlists for at least 23 genres that I recognise, including radio broadcasts and commercials.


Which one dominates your music collection?

Mmm…I’m having to re-split things up again because I lost all my playlists when my computer died…but I’m pretty sure that metal and goth are the two genres with the most representatives in my music library.


Do you even rate your songs?

Yes. If it doesn’t get at least three stars, it needs to go.


Is your itunes (or whatever) nice and pretty, with everything filled in and album art displayed?

No. I have a bunch of things that don’t have track/album/artist names…think those are CDs that Jester burned for me…there’s also stuff that doesn’t have artist or album titles because it’s stuff I made in college and I haven’t gone back and entered in the info yet.


Tell me the playlists you have right now and what’s in them:

Most of them are along genre lines, but these are the ones that aren’t—

Angels & Demons: Playlist with songs about angels, demons, heaven, hell, and uncertainty about damnation.


Covers: Songs that I apparently only know covers of.


Doom CD: My Wolf made a doom themed CD that we subjected my father to a number of times on the way to and from work…we don’t feel bad about this.


Jester: Songs that, for usually inexplicable reasons, remind me of him.


Love: Playlist of love-themed songs. Later I will have to break it down into positive and negative ones.


Monster Mash: All my songs about zombies, unicorns, Cthulhu, vampires, werewolves, giant bugs, aliens, ghosts, mythological heroes, witches, cannibals, serial killers, sea monsters, dinosaurs, the horsemen of the apocalypse, pagan gods and the like. There are a lot of these, but not as many since I separated out the angels and demons into their own playlist.


Pirates: Yeah…I was hoping I had enough to put in here and make a decent sort of playlist…it only has a handful of songs in it so far though. But…I’m not even halfway through re-sorting my music out, so I’m still hopeful this could be a fun one.


Sad: Songs that make me feel sad. I probably mustn’t listen to these all at once, or I will be posting as “Reeser The Puddle”



What’s your top listened to song?

Alive by Assemblage 23. It used to be Nevermore by Queen…I think I had that one played over 100 times, since when I felt depressed, I used to loop it and listen to the song for hours on end…which is pretty bad, since it’s not even 2 minutes long…


What’s the 5 shortest songs?

1. 00:10 When I Go Out by Five Iron Frenzy

2. 00:44 Sentinels of Stone by Nox Arcana

3. 00:51 Conclusion by Ashton Nyte

4. 00:53 From Dusk Till Dawn by Nox Arcana

5. 00:54 The Big Day by Danny Elfman


The 5 longest?

1. 11:51 Sullen Earth by My Silent Wake

2. 11:52 Heretic by My Silent Wake

3. 15:01 Through Greenest Meadows by My Silent Wake

4. 15:23 Hunting Season by My Silent Wake

5. 17:13 The Everlasting by Virgin Black

…it’s those doom bands. They’re serious about drawing stuff out.


What’s the last song, or songs, you added to your library?

A sampler I got for free, a song I recorded from YouTube and uploaded to my iTunes because I do that sometimes…and some remixed songs from Coriolis’ web site.


How many songs do you have by this artist?

Umm…let’s go with Coriolis…I have both the band’s albums, plus the remixes, plus a song I got on a goth/metal/rock Christmas album. Not my favourite band, but John Stamets is probably the friendliest goth musician I’ve met so far.


How did you acquire all this music anyways?

Free stuff, radio, contests, volunteering, gifts from friends and family, gifts from bands, personal purchases, recording from YouTube when I can’t find the music anywhere to download…making stuff myself or for classes…


What artist do you have the most songs/albums from?

Hmm…most albums is…Joy Electric? I know. It surprises me, too.

Most songs is The Awakening. They beat JE by only one song.


Search for these and see how many songs come up:

Peace: 2

Hate: 15

Love: 110

Sex: 5

Life: 47

Death: 62

God: 47

Hell: 56

Sun: 68

Moon: 21

Little: 34

Big: 7

Black: 115

White: 24


Put it on shuffle, and write the first 5 songs that come up:

1. My Own Enemy – Thousant Foot Krutch

2. Pall Bearer – Destroy The Runner

3. Murder – Settle

4. Weight of The Sun – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

5. Nadine – Fool’s Gold



What is your favourite song out of those?

Well, only three of them are songs I’ve actually listened to…I’d have to say that Pall Bearer is probably my favourite out of those 5.


Favorite artist?

Out of those 5? Eh…maybe TFK. I don’t really like them much though. I did when they had the Phenomenon album out, but then I didn’t much like their music after that. Or before that, for that matter.


Do you ever go through your collection and do some ‘spring cleaning’?



Do you like acoustic songs?

Some of them. I think Skillet has some good ones.




Now I will sleep.