I feel worse than I did yesterday. My antibiotic, so far, doesn’t look like it’s doing its job, since my throat is coated in even more disgusting growths, and those lymph nodes in my neck are still massively swollen.


The only positive change I’ve observed is that I don’t *think* I had a fever yesterday or today.




I don’t know what to do with me. When I woke up, I thought I felt a bit better, but…it’s like somewhere during the course of my showering and getting dressed, all the feel-good leaked out of me and I could barely swallow or move or talk again.


And then there were bloody stupid tornado sirens and watches and warnings all day, which were getting on my nerves…and I tried to eat some food, but that hurt, and now I just feel tired and my brains are mushy.



The only good thing about this is that my brains are liquefied enough now to shut up my Wolf. He was talking and talking and talking when I fell asleep yesterday afternoon, and then when I went to bed last night…but it wasn’t even the usual internal dialogue that we have…it was just him contentedly speculating about something.


I have a feeling that I may have to give up on him in regard to that, but in spite of how important it is, I think I’ll have to just not worry about it until I get better.




Hopefully that will be very, very soon.