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Well, I went to sleep last night and couldn’t and couldn’t fall asleep. Then once I did, I kept waking up because I couldn’t regulate my temperature, apparently…I’d have thrown back my blankets, and I’d be shivering, but my mattress sheet would be plastered with sweat to the side of me that was against the bed…


I’d LOVE to have a night where I can just be asleep without this stupid temperature control issue. I’d love for that to happen.


But anyway…I had some pretty messed up dreams, which hasn’t happened in a while.

In the first one, I was sort of following this rabbit character on a farm, and there was this evil queen that wanted the rabbit destroyed…so they had an electric fence set up around the farm, and the farmer and his dog were supposed to be hunting the rabbit…but then the farmer had to go outside the fence, and when he and the dog went out, they “accidentally” left the gate open for a moment, and the rabbit escaped from the evil queen. It was kind of a frightening dream, because while I wasn’t the rabbit, I was observing him as closely as I possibly could without actually being him…and I hate dreams where things are pursuing me. I almost always get away, but I always wake up with my heart beating like I was really afraid I couldn’t get away from whatever it was…





And then my dream changed and something happened that has never happened before. Instead of following the rabbit from the first dream, I became the character in my dream…and I woke up. I’d been asleep in my dream and woke up. I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

But, when I woke up, I realized I was looking out the window of an RV. And I was a character that, for nearly six years now, has lived in this elaborate story that I tell myself over and over in my head. It was odd…I’ve never seen any of those people in a dream of mine, and suddenly I was one of them.

I talked for a little while to the guy who was driving (also another character from this story), and eventually we decided that we should find someplace to pull over for the night…and because I’d have to explain six years worth of internal storytelling, I can’t really elaborate on what happened in this dream segment, but when the character I was in the dream fell asleep again, I woke up for reals and was like, “wtf…that was weird…”



And then I fell asleep again for a while and had another dream. A dream of the bizarre sort where you recognise things from dreams you’ve had previously, and wonder what they mean.


In the third dream segment, I was me. Just plain old me. And I was on a tour of a nature park, and while the guide was explaining something about the mountain the park was beside, we passed this little Chinese man with a super-long Dumbledore beard and a brown tweed suit. A few people in the tour group said hello to him, and he bowed and said, “bless you”…but when I said hello, he spat at my feet. I wasn’t too pleased with that, but…the tour moves on.

Eventually, we came to an enclosure where there were some brown-green, iguana looking dragons. A little like this guy, except more brown and green and less blue. And with wings.






They were…mmm…maybe about the size of black bears or Shetland ponies or something…and the tour guide was blabbing about them and how they nearly died out or something…and I wandered a little ways and stepped around to another side of the enclosure, and there he was—this dragon with yellow-pink looking, albino scales, a bright red crest, and shiny red eyes. And we knew each other, and I knew he was angry with me…but I thought I was far enough back, since the iguana dragons had stumpy necks. But this one wasn’t like them…no, he was more like one of those coiled up Chinese or Japanese dragons, and his head shot out through the fence and he clamped his jaws around my upper arm and just looked at me with those red eyes…and then I woke up.



I am pretty sure that the last time I saw that dragon in a dream, I was not me in my dream, and I had desecrated a shrine, and he rescued me from the giant fungal puffballs that were the shrine guardians and were also trying to eat me. And then I realised he was made of white chocolate, so when he put me down, I promptly broke him up and ate him.

It was a very Wolf kind of dream, you know?


Desecrate shrine, check. Narrowly escape death, check. Eat a dragon, check.




Anyway…then I finally got out of bed and felt awful and showered and tried to eat some food…and then Jester showed up at my house for a little while, which was very kind of him, since he’s busy and I’m not much fun to be around when I’m sick.

Fell asleep on the couch for a while, and then were talking about how the PBS show, Wishbone, could have been different if Deady had been the star.


Speaking of Deady, I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of him in a while…

These were from a few days ago. He’s much cuter and sassier now than when he was a sickly baby kitty…









And now Imma go see if I can eat something real quick, and then go back to sleep again, since tomorrow I have things to do and then I go back to work Thursday evening.