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One, we had a fire today at the theatre. It happened a short while before I got there, and they sent the morning crew home not long after I arrived, and kept on six of us to answer questions downstairs about why we were closed, and mostly to clean up the stand.


The fire was fairly small, from what I understand…a kettle in one of the popcorn poppers caught fire…but the sprinkler that went off was so forceful that the fire dep’t apparently had trouble shutting it off. Most of the cleaning we did was mopping and wiping things down that had been drenched in the disgusting sprinkler filthwater. It was black-brown and gross. The grossest thing was probably the trays of popcorn that someone had set on top of a warmer…I tried to take them down so the trays could go back to the sink and get cleaned, only to have filthwater and soggy, vomity-looking popcorn fall all over me…


Eventually they sent us home because there wasn’t a whole lot else we could do, but it was definitely an interesting day at work.



Two…I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but all this excitement seems to be exacerbating it. Wolf has been showing his ugly side a lot the last two days…not the face he shows when I still have some control over him, but the face that snarls and doesn’t give a shit and wants to fight you all…and subsequently gets threatened with being shut in the laundry room until he calms down.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to my days off. Hopefully I can get him back under control. I’d rather just have that side of my pacing and howling and saying crazy things in my head instead of lashing out at people.



And here is a challenge post.





30 Day Challenge


Day 15 — Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play



1. Sanctus Real: Loud and Clear

I like this song, although it makes me a little sad because it reminds me a lot of a friend of mine who liked Sanctus Real a lot when we were in high school, and who also stopped talking to me for some inexplicable reason  : /



2. Manic Drive: Middle of It All

I’m not even sure why I have this. I think there was a video for a Manic Drive song that I used to see all the time when I was volunteering at this Christian rock station, and for some reason I wound up getting their album…???



3. David Bowie: Modern Love

Yeah, my sister gave me a CD of random David Bowie songs. I only really like a few of them, and this isn’t one of them.



4. Langhorn Slim: Cinderella

Free music. That’s all I can say. That and I like to listen to random WXCU-esque alt rock when I’m busy. It was the background noise for so much of my college studying that it just seems like the right thing to do…



5. Justin McRoberts: Sun Song

I got the album this song was on waaaaay back when I first started listening to Christian music. I only liked one song on it though, and it wasn’t this one…but the album grew on me. I like it a lot now.



6. Nightwish: Wish I Had An Angel

Mmm…I like Nightwish okay, but this song always makes me feel a little weird. It falls in with this small group of songs in my music library that I swear are from a would-be rapist’s point-of-view. I feel conflicted about these songs. They’re mostly from the goth-type musicians/bands…and I like the sound, but…I don’t know. I feel weird for liking them.



7. Seven Day Jesus: I Will Find You

I don’t know. I liked a Christmas song that this band did, so I got their album, even though it’s a little old…and I’m not especially fond of any of the songs. I was disappointed because in the Christmas song, the vocalist clearly has an amazing voice…but somehow he fails to use it properly.



8. Virgin Black: Forever

Instrumental interlude. Piano.



9. Marilyn Manson: Deformography

My sister also gave me a bunch of random Marilyn Manson songs. I’ve gotten rid of most the ones that have swears in them because I don’t much care for songs that have the words “fuck” or “shit” repeated endlessly. Once or twice in a song is pushing it, but over and over just grates on me. It’s not aesthetically pleasing, and the repetition is so drawn out that it doesn’t even convey anger anymore. It’s filler.

I must’ve kept this song because it doesn’t have repetitious swears in it.



10. Blindside: Invert

This is the only song that I liked from Blindside’s first album. The rest of them kind of made me laugh when I first heard them, since I didn’t really know about Blindside until after they got better at writing songs in English  😛




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