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 30 Day Challenge


Day 16 — A picture of your favourite animal.




I wasn’t going to do a challenge post, but I tried to write this post three different ways and they either sounded too crazy (apparently I still have hang-ups about sounding crazy), or were too vague even for me (astonishing, I know), or weren’t saying what I was trying to say…


And then I saw this was the challenge for today, so Imma answer it and say what I was saying, and also lie.









Yep. A wolf. My Wolf.

He’s not my favourite animal, so…I lie. But out of all the transformations my Wolf has undergone, I like this one best.






I like to see him making efforts to be friendly. I like to see him in a coat colour that doesn’t state, “I don’t care,” or “I’ll kill you all.” I like him this way. Much better than the insanity wolf that he so often resembles…






I got to be all three of these today, unfortunately…but Imma try and see if I can’t be more of that second one.






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Day 16 — A picture of your favourite animal.