Alrighty. Busy next few days.


Tonight I get off at 11, so I don’t have to close for once…but I doubt I’ll be logging in again, since I work a double shift tomorrow—10am to midnight—which apparently makes Jester worry…but I can do it. I expect it won’t be much different from the days when I’d go to class at 8am, and then have classes and research and meetings with classmates or profs and stuff to do for the radio station until 11 at night.


The only real difference that I can see is that at work there isn’t a lot to keep me mentally occupied. Unless we have a fire or something  😛

But I do get to spend the morning in the box office, so that makes me happier.


Then I open again on Monday, so I probably won’t be back until Monday evening.




In the mean time…I have an email that I need to get writing, and see if I can’t find out what on earth happened to this book that was supposed to be coming out this month. It irks me that I can’t find anything about it on the publisher’s web site, and that he hasn’t been in touch with us since January (unless I’m just mysteriously not getting the emails…), but we’ll see.



Until next time.