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30 Day Challenge


Day 18 — Plans/dreams/goals you have




Hrm. Let’s do short-term stuff for this post, kay?



Step A)

Zip through the rest of April. It’s frightening, how quickly time is moving these days.


Step B)

Potentially beat Wolf into a near-death state in an effort to prevent more horrifying visions of this demonic seal with his creepy creeper Frank voice. I am considering the best way to go about this…I believe it may be a scheduling issue, but we’ll see what happens.


(Ugh…I love animals and I’m against animal cruelty, but these things…I hate them. Never could I have guessed that there existed living, breathing creatures whose dinosaur-like faces, nightmarish teeth, and soulless black eyes could unfailingly give me massive attacks of the creeps.  >.<“)



 leopard seal4













Step C)

Make it to the beginning of May and through Mum’s birthday, Mother’s Day, my sister leaving on her senior trip, and K & Jon’s wedding.


Step D)

Begin job search anew.




I can’t really look out any further than that right now.





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Day 18 — Plans/dreams/goals you have