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30 Day Challenge


Day 19 — Nicknames you have; why do you have them



Reeser  Reesey  Reesy  Reeses  Reese  Reesy-piece  Reeser T  Reesykins  Rts  R



Those are all of them. The first one, I gave myself. The others are variants that my good friends and Jester use because they are weird that way.



I’m getting sick of these lame questions. I mean, this challenge had some good ones (which I have highlighted in red), but…I’m getting bored. I’ve answered this bit about nicknames quite a lot, and none of you are so new to me that I feel like my nickname story would be of interest to you.




There are some interesting things that people I’ve worked with have decided to call me. Like when I was at Hot Topic, and the manager who hired me decided to call me the Hunt Master, since I spent so much time in the back room, trying to find the right size or the right item for a customer.


At the theatre, our head bartender spends his free time shooting the rest of us with popcorn kernels (when no guests are nearby to see it), and he invents nicknames for some of us. He’s taken to calling me Chief, for reasons that I cannot discern. According to him, I just “look like a Chief.”


Very odd.  o.O




Anywayz…time to post this and log off for now.





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