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30 Day Challenge


Day 22 — What makes you different from everyone else



All of the significant things that I can think of which make me, me, aren’t unique to me.


My family and my friend situations, and my work and my education and my abilities aren’t unique. My interests aren’t the norm, but the fact that there’s a whole subculture that embraces them makes them not-that-unique.


Now…my descriptions of myself and the ways that I perceive things that have happened to me are even less normal…but I can think of at least two people who have creatures like my Wolf living inside them. Their creatures don’t function exactly like mine does, since they don’t represent the same parts of these people as my Wolf represents…but still, I’m not the only one.


My being dead isn’t unique to me, either. I know people who have died and come back like I did, or who are dying right now and have described it to me in those words…so I’m not even the only one who feels like that has happened.



Earlier, Jester and I had a conversation that briefly touched on how people are able to shape who they are online, and they might not be who they say they are.

But so often, they are.


I mean, if you met me, you would meet a fairly average human. Depending on the situation, I might not even look remotely like a Goth. Certainly I wouldn’t look like a wolf, and I wouldn’t look like a dead person. So yes, you could argue that I lie to you…but if you read my posts, then you know quite a bit about what kind of person I think I am, and that’s pretty valuable stuff if you care about what other people are like.


I care about that a lot. And I know you all can lie or be just as selective as I can be when you write…but those of you who I’ve been reading for a while have patterns and ways of describing yourselves that tell me a lot about what you’re like, or wish you were like, and in lots of the things you all write, I see bits of myself.



I don’t think there’s anything about me that makes me different, except maybe the order in which I’ve arranged all these things that so many of us seem to have.





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Day 22 — What makes you different from everyone else