Ah, insanity.



Well…today started out really confusing, and I think I made at least four other people confused as well, plus frustrated and/or angry. But that doesn’t matter at this point. It’s been the best day I’ve had in a while, since all I did was hang out with Jester and not have to do anything much.


The only other thing I could’ve done without was when I responded to a question with what has ever been my standard response, and Wolf has been growling at me off and on all day since. And for once, he’s right. It was a poorly thought out response, but that’s just the thing. I didn’t need to think about it because it’s what I’ve always said.


Like habits and routines and things that become What You Do in a particular situation, there are things that you can say all the time and eventually just say because it’s What You Say. And my furred companion has been griping at me all day for not one of these things, but two. Two! Two things (jeez, I feel like The Count…) that I apparently say all the time and haven’t even really thought about whether or not I mean them the same as I did when they became the Things I Say.


Apparently there are ideas that need revisited in the mind of Reeser.




And sleep. Methinks I need to revisit that soon, too, since I only managed to sleep about five hours last night, plus two hours of dozing off and on.