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Well today wasn’t such a bad day.


I showed up at 930, and discovered I didn’t actually have any work to do until 1145, so I wound up helping stock things and making up pretzel trays for the kitchen crew…and the theatres were surprisingly not very trashed today. It was good times.


And then I found $5 on the floor in the mall, just as I’d been thinking to myself, “gee, it would be nice if I came across a ten dollar bill or something…”

I’ll settle for half that though. (And yes, if there’d been any indication that someone nearby had lost some money, I would have returned it…but no dice.)


And then…I got free stuff. I had a coupon that was supposed to only be good between 1-5pm today, and I got off work at 6…but they let me use it anyway. I was in a very good mood when I left for home.



And then I came home and was boring. Washed laundry (curses…there’s still some in the washer that I haven’t dried yet…ugh), played with Deady, walked Lemony & Domino…ate dinner. Watched Dr Who with Mum and Katelyn…



Here are the above mentioned pets, for you visitors—

















Tomorrow is going to be interesting. Thursday, this girl from work texted me and asked if I wanted her Sunday morning shift so she could try and fit in more time to study for her exams…and I was feeling kind, so I said I’d take it, with the result that I go in to work at 915 tomorrow morning, then work until 4, when her shift ends…and then I come back at 5 and work my shift until 11.


Imma be tired. So that means I have to leave you with this exceptionally dull post, and get to bed.
And…tack on this song I’ve been enjoying, too, I guess.