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Okay. Let me try again to post something straightforward.



I went to bed at around 330, and then was awoken at around 515 when my phone started giggling.


Yeah. You know the way that Boo giggles on the Super Mario games? That sounds a lot like my current ringtone.


Anyway…I had a conversation with Jester that I cannot recall, except that he said something about it being a rainy morning, and apologized for waking me, and I said not to worry about it because I’d just go to sleep again.


I did try to, but that didn’t go so well. My youngest sister is offensively loud in the mornings. A lot of people slam doors shut unintentionally, but she’s the only one I know who slams them open. I often find myself wondering how exactly she makes this happen…but whatev. They woke me up around 7ish. And then I was awoken around 850 by a text message with the words rainbow and stars in it.


I’m still mystified by that.

Song lyrics, perhaps? I didn’t ask.



I was very determined to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep though…so I wound up not getting out of bed until around 100.

Showered, spent time with the pets and was seriously amused by Deady stalking around and making tiny grumbly cat noises at me…he thinks he’s a much bigger, scarier cat than he is. It’s how I can tell he’s mine.


…determined that, goth though I am, lace may not actually be on my side. In fact, I’d even go so far as to quote Admiral Ackbar and declare it a trap, since it seems to have collected hairs from every pet and person I’ve been in contact with. I was kind of horrified by that, although removing all these hairs did give me something to do for a while.


Fixed something on Mum’s computer. Spent some time online. Read most of a book from my childhood. It had a unicorn in it, which is probably the main reason I was interested in it to begin with. It’s pretty awful, otherwise.


Ate some dinner and walked the dogs with my sister. Saw those idiot children who used to scare Domino all the time, and was gratified to see their parents were preventing them from running out of the house after us, but not preventing them from protesting in obnoxiously loud voices that she’s their favourite dog…I may yet get my opportunity to do what Melody suggested and tell them that if they didn’t let us alone, I’ll bite them.


Of course, then the neighborhood would be infested with little werewolf children…



I painted a dragon for K. It was her Christmas present, but I never got any further than sketching it onto the canvas…so now I’m painting it so I can take it down to the wedding with me and give it to her then, since she still has my Christmas gift as well.

It’s not done yet, but I finished most of the background (still need to do some blending there), and put in the pale colour on the wings and the silver paint for the eye…now I just have the dark colours to paint in on the dragon and it’ll be done.


I’m not a super-awesome artist, but I took it into my head to make paintings for some people this past Christmas…and once I finish K’s, I think I might post up photos of them. They’re alright.



And now Imma write a book review, and finish that awful unicorn story before I go to bed.