If he weren’t me, I’d beat Wolf into a furry pulp.


I’ve been full of aches and pains the last couple of days, and one of them I thought was just from sleeping funny…but then I was on my way home from work tonight (this morning?), and it occurred to me that it’s a very specific kind of pain that I have…and in my mind, I saw myself I slowly turn my slitted eyes on Wolf, and watch him tuck in his tail and slink off somewhere.



It’s with a great deal of horror that I realise I may actually be getting sick. Again. And while having a cold or a sinus infection or strep throat sucks, if I get very badly sick with what I think I have, then my chances of being utterly miserable are very, very high. Last time I was in such severe pain that I could barely move, and wound up writing my very last term paper while taking a super-antibiotic, a super-painkiller, and another super-med…all of which made me pretty delirious, though they did take the edge off of the if-only-I-could-move-I-would-kill-myself-to-make-it-stop pain.




But, hopefully it won’t get that bad. Hopefully I just need some ibuprofen or something, and to go to sleep.



If not…well, it’ll be just like last time I went to visit K and Melody, won’t it? Except it’ll be springtime instead of winter, and I’m not in college anymore. And this time I might have some inkling of how I got sick in the first place.