So, I’m leaving for a few days. Going to see my best friends and be in a wedding. And find out how my Wolf reacts to someone who killed us, since we have not seen her in almost three and a half years.

Be back Sunday night.




Now, a survey.



If it was the old days, would you challenge your ex to a sword fight?

No, because he has a longer reach than I do, so I’d be at a disadvantage. We’d have to duel with pistols or something instead.


Does it frighten you when animals get into fights?

Haven’t seen an animal fight in a long while.


Have you ever witnessed a ghost playing a piano?

Nope. Just skeletons.


Have you ever changed your favorite color?

This question would be more awesomer if I added the word “into.”


Have you ever met any kind strangers?

I meet lots of people who seem like they’d be kind, but it’s hard to know for sure.


Would you give anything to be in a certain moment in history?

Anything is a strong word.


When you were little did you touch just about everything in the store?

No, but when we were small—my three younger siblings and I—we thought it was fun to flip all the lightswitches in the lightswitch display isle at the hardware store. This angered our parents for some reason.


Do you ever leave your drinks out in the open at a party?

I’ve never been to the kind of party where I’d think I had to worry about it, but I admit you have a point—you never know.


Are you sometimes a bit too nice?

Oh yes. Often. People don’t always get treated the way I think they deserve for me to treat them.


Do you have to be insensitive if you want to survive in the world?

Insensitive? No. I’m a very sensitive person…but I’ve survived so far. In some form or another.


Have you ever listened to a song over and over until it got old?

Yes, but then it comes back to me after a while.


In magazines, do you like to smell the pages with perfume scents?

There are pages with perfume scents in magazines???

…apparently I’m more into the kind of magazine where I look for links to free music downloads…not smelly samples.


Have you ever ordered anything from a catalog?



Has there ever been something so beautiful that you wanted to cry?

Mmm…this is a complicated question. The answer is yes and no.


Would you support a family member if they became an actor/actress?

No. They’d become rich and famous and then they could support me.  😛


Would you hire someone to scare someone?

I do any scaring in person, thanks.


It is in the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Would you be a witch?

I think you would accuse me. But that wouldn’t make me a witch.


What if you were falsely accused of being a witch?

I might play it up since I’d know I’d be hanged anyway.


Is your heart all good or are you still picking up the pieces?

My heart has never been in more than one piece, thanks. It just stops beating from time to time.


Have you ever opened a loud package in a very quiet environment?

Ugh…movie candy…


Do you add z’s at the end of a word that normally ends with an ‘s’?

Sometimez because they sez I can haz cheezburger.


In libraries, do you tend to whisper just because it is quiet?

I talk in a normal or soft voice, but I don’t whisper.

Yesterday was kind of funny…Jester and I were in the car, talking about something, and after a while I was like, “wait…why are we whispering?”

We’re cool like that, I guess.


Did you ever dream of getting into Harvard?



If you got offered a high paying job without a degree, would you accept?

Well, I think I disqualify for this question, since I have a degree…


Are you uncomfortable when standing close to strangers?

Sometimes, but it depends on the situation because I’ve also been to concerts where after standing beside each other for two or three hours, random strangers and I have come to unspoken agreements that we will alternately lean on each other for a while.


Ever suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?



Are you a skilled knife thrower??

Just you wait…


Are you a person that’ll draw attention to themselves?

No. I deflect attention when possible.


Have you ever eavesdropped on all the wrong parts of a conversation?

Nope. I find out interesting things whether they’re the “right” parts of conversations or not.


Ever had a clubhouse?

No. My best friend and I just had a fence we would sit on when we hung out at school. That was all.


Is there something that you just want to get off your chest?

No. I haven’t had that problem in ages. I find it very agreeable.


Do you talk to anyone from xanga outside of xanga? (facebook, texting, etc.)

I talk to a handful of them on facebook, and text two of them sometimes. I’ve written to a few, and sent gifts to some of them. I’m dating one of them.


What kind of soda do you drink the most often?

Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, various orange sodas.


What is something you’d love to do tonight?

I’m kinda out of time for anything tonight.


Do you take prescription medication every day?

No. Only on some days so that I can still move.


Are you more hot or cold right now?

I’m cool, but my skin still has that not-so-pleasant feeling of dried sweat on it. Meh.


Are you waiting for a call from anyone? Who?



Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail?

Mmm…Dad? I can’t remember. Maybe K or Jester.


Are you still wearing your clothes from the day or have you changed into comfier ones?

I still have my red shirt on, but I put my pants and socks in the wash so they’d be clean to wear when I’m in Memphis. Have some sleep shorts on now.


What did you do for Valentines Day?

I worked, but a few days before then, Jester and I went to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, and I took him to my university to see a spoof play about the works of Shakespeare. It was good times.


What furniture do you have in your room?

My bed, two dresser/bookshelf units, a bedside table and a giant desk.

Oh…and a tiny table that my bamboo plant lives on.


If you could have three giftcards for $100 to any three stores, which would you choose?

Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, Wal*Mart.

…don’t judge me.


What is something you have made recently?

I finished K’s painting.


What high school class are you?

I was 2005.



I was 2009.


Where you born in an even or an odd year?

Odd. It seems like that would explain some things…


What month is your birthday in?



Do you like the color pink?

I despise it. Black is my favourite.


What is one of your facial features that you don’t like?

My skin.


Have you ever eaten in a Japanese steakhouse?

See above.


What was the highlight of your week?

So far? Spending time with Jester.


Have you ever been in a wedding?

I will have been if you ask me again on Saturday evening.


Have you been to New York City?

Yes. I didn’t like it so much. It stank to no end.


So, how has your day been so far?

I am content with how my day went.


Do you have to go to school tomorrow?

Nope. Not unless you secretly enrolled me in grad school or something.


Have you ever read The Outsiders?



Do you think about death a lot?

Naturally. I’m a Goth.


Have you played hangman in the last month?

I haven’t played in years.


Do you have curly hair?



Do you wear makeup?

Just the black eyeliner.


What time do you get up in the morning?

It varies. Usually between 9 and 1145.


Do you listen to popular music?

No. It’s hard to find many people who’ve heard of some of my favourites…


Are you wearing comfortable clothes?

I feel pretty comfy.


Would you ever buy a $200 shirt?

When I could have 20 $10 shirts? Are you crazy?


What is the most expensive item you have received from someone?

Maybe my computer.


Do you have a fireplace in your house?

No, unfortunately. I like fire.


Do you like marshmallows in your hot cocoa?

If I have it, yes.


If you wear it, does your eyeliner always get smeared everywhere?

Not usually.


Do air fresheners make your nose run?

…you’re weird.


When was the last time you vacuumed?

Mmm…a few weeks ago. Shameful, I know…


Does your hair get greasy if you don’t wash it for a day?

I only wash it every third day.


How do you usually wear your hair?

On my head, the way normal people do.


Is there something more important you could be doing right now?



Do you use dryer sheets in your laundry?

I can’t. They irritate my skin.


Are there any rumors going on about you?

If there are, I bet you started them.


Is your life full of drama?

Nope. My Wolf destroys whatever drama we can’t avoid.


Can you walk down the street without getting stopped every 2 seconds by a guy?

I get stopped by children and stray animals.


How long does it usually take you to finish answering a survey?

I dunno, depends on how long it is.


Do you like reading self help books?

No. I read science fiction, fantasy, and books about myth, legends, folk tales, and the supernatural/occult.

…I always feel weird at bookstores when I realise I’m the only one in the supernatural/new age/occult section. I’ve tried to get over that, but it’s not happening.


What is your opinion on sex change?

I don’t honestly understand how people think that will help them, but then I don’t understand a lot of things other people do.


If you’re still a virgin, how important is your virginity to you?

It’s not important for itself. It’s important to me as a symbol though.


If you have lost it already, do you regret it?

Not qualified for this question either, I see.


Do you believe in marriage? Why or why not?

Yes, because I’m a Christian and I believe that it’s the way God intended for men and women to live together. I’m not keen on how people tend to devalue it…but I think that comes from my strong belief in both symbols and in words. I believe in the symbolic nature of a marriage as a way of illustrating how Christ relates to his church…and I believe that promises mean more than what most people these days seem to think they mean, and to make a vow or take an oath is a big deal to me. I mean…call me crazy, but even now I am keeping promises I made to people who probably don’t remember asking me to do these things, and who would probably not care if I broke the promises…but I feel wrong about doing that.


Do you have any goals for this summer? If so, what are they?

Find a better job.


Or do you plan on getting a summer job? Or do you already have one? If so, where do you work and what do you do?

I plan on keeping whatever job I might get…but until that happens, I’m a theatre crew member. I usher (clean), prepare movie food, operate registers in concession and box office, tear tickets, and sell our rewards program to guests.