Rawrrrg…so much frustrating.

Bathed the kitten and got stuff done that I needed to do. Went to work and greeted for the first few hours…had an immense amount of fun talking in my British voice before they decided that having me greet wasn’t really an effective use of my time there.

Found a box of chocolate rasins that we couldn’t sell because the box was squashed, and got to have the bag of raisins since they were still fine…

Then…got really dangerously angry at a coworker after she started screaming at the supervsor and manager because she was mad that she had to help close, and then they left me alone with her and she started taking it out on me and bossing me about.

My temper isn’t inexhaustable, and this girl is ALWAYS acting like I don’t know how to do my job. I don’t see her treat anyone else like this. Just me. And nobody else I work with acts like I’m a moron…just her…
I think (unfortunately) that I work with her tomorrow, too, and if she says anything to me about what I’m doing, I’ll have to speak with management and let them know that she’s making me insane and I probably shouldn’t work around her…but we’ll see what happens.

Came home super-mad, but I’ve since eaten and talked to K about it some, so I feel better. Ish.
Time now for sleep.