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30 Day Challenge


Day 26 — What you think about your friends



Good question.


Generally I like them. I think they’re interesting and usually kind to me, and I like that most of them feel like they can trust me for various things.



More specifically, K is my best friend.

In most of my friendships, I spend a lot of time listening to and helping my friends with their problems, or feeling happy for them when they want to tell me about good things that happen to them…and I’m good with that most of the time, but I think that out of any friend I’ve ever had, K has been the most open to listening to me when I have problems or when I need to vent about things or bounce ideas off someone. It’s good to feel like there’s someone out there to listen to me (which is, of course, why I like to do this for my other friends anyway…nobody should ever feel like there is nobody there for them).


Sometimes it seems to me like there’s a catch to this friendship that I’m just not seeing…but I guess that’s probably evidence of how often I don’t think I can talk with people about how I really feel.


But at the same time, I’m gratified to know that part of why she likes to listen to me is so she can validate her own feelings about things by knowing that, despite our differing beliefs and approaches to situations, we’ve felt very much the same about a lot of things…so by talking to her, I not only help myself, but I help her, too. I like that.


And of course I like that during those rare times when we get to hang out, we generally have a good time  🙂




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