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30 Day Challenge


Day 28 — A picture you took just now.



No. I refuse.


If I took one now, it would be of the dark loft where I am typing.



And if I don’t put in a picture, I can lie to you and tell you I’m actually in a barn loft, using my laptop and hoping that the rain won’t make it through the leaky roof and drip all over, ruining my computer and cutting short my allotted amount of time to waste.


I could tell you that it smells like horses in here, and I think there might be mice in the pile of hay I’m sitting on. And I can tell you that it’s super creepy and dark, and that having my screen shining so brightly on my face makes me feel like a target for whatever creepy things are creeping about out there…


Think Imma turn my computer off now and maybe huddle in the dark. But first, maybe I will message someone to come out here with a flashlight…or…maybe it’d be better to have them bring a whole group…


I’d rather not ask just one person to come alone and find me…I mean, what if they don’t make it? What if I’m left here, waiting…wondering…hoping that whatever it is that got them doesn’t get me, too…