Well, for once I’ve actually had a decent weekend at work.

Saw some people I knew from church and my university, and talked a little about stuff I’ve published lately, and about my not being engaged anymore (I forget sometimes that even after eight months, not everyone who knows me is up-to-date about this…), so that was good…I like when people acknowledge that they know me.  🙂



Random guy bought a ticket from me last night and asked if I got to see movies free and if I’d get off work in time to go with him.


Um…sorry kid. Reeser has a date.

Plus…you’re almost five and a half years younger than me. I feel a little weird about that.  x_x”






My sleeping has not bee so good though the last two nights.

Not only do I have a gigantic, purplish, disfiguring insect bite on my leg, which I half expect to start necrotizing…but I’ve had very disturbing dreams. And not the kind of disturbing that I can tolerate—about monsters and talking animals and my being Sebastian, the Nutcracker Prince—but ones about people I know.


In my dream Friday night, our grumpy manager beat me up. I woke up feeling kind of puzzled about that one. I mean, he’s grumpy and can be a bit of a jerk, but I think I’d be fairly low on his list of people he might want to beat up.



Then last night I had a dream that made me incredibly angry. Like…in waking life, when I get really worked up, I start shaking and get a sort of “buzzing” in the back of my head that isn’t really a sound, but more of a feeling of being unable to stop or slow myself down…it’s the furious vibration that is the coarse fur sprouting from my skin and the fangs curving in my jaw and the transformation of my eyes from dark to yellow…and I had that happen in my dream, which is probably why I woke up three hours before my alarm went off.


But in my dream, I was told (passive sentence—aaah!) that it wasn’t in someone’s best interest to associate with me anymore and they’d be better off without me…and I’m not sure how my dream self managed to contain my outrage, but I don’t think I said anything back. Instead I was writing a text message and hitting all the wrong keys because I was shaking too much…and then I woke up.


I’ve been a little uneasy about that dream all day though. Like, I suppose that could happen (whereas my manager going to jail for assault is unlikely…I hope), but I’d like to say I doubt it would…but I don’t really know that, do I?

Someone could very well say this to me, though I can’t imagine anyone would…and probably not the person who did say it to me in my dream…but yeah, I am paranoid.


The only good thing about that dream was my containment of my anger. If anyone ventured to suggest that I’m in some way no good…I’d probably be too shocked to react at first, but if words did manage to make it to my mouth, I think they’d be the kind of words that would definitely not help me in maintaining that I’m a delightful individual and everyone should be happy to know me.




Anyway. Yeah.



But I am delightful.






Be happy you know me, kay?