Well this is dumb. I have to wake up at 8 so dad and I can o to the bank and to the title agency because—ta-da!—Reeser has a car, courtesy of Auntie M.


Of course, said car is 17 years old, there is no key for the trunk, one of the doors doesn’t open all the way, the AC is busted, and only the driver can open windows and use the power lock…but…okay. I has car. This is what matters.



Oh. And also that it’s 2 and I’m not asleep because I came home after ushering today and was incredibly sweaty and my clothes and hair smelled like garbage, so I took a shower and then realised I hadn’t got any clean underwear.


So I’m waiting on laundry. Funstuffs.




And then maybe I will sleep.

My sleep attempt last night went badly again, but not because of unpleasant dreams this time. Instead, I just couldn’t sleep and didn’t end up dropping of until maybe between 330 and 4, and then I woke up a few minutes after 8 because my jaw and the entire right side of my head was throbbing.


I absolutely need to have my wisdom teeth removed…it hurt so bad I was nearly in tears—the kind of pain where you start repeating over and over to yourself, “please please please just let it stop”…but I took some meds and thought it was pretty amazing that they worked…but it still took over an hour for the pain to subside. I don’t think I fell asleep again until around 930-10 and my alarm started going off at 1130. It was awful.





Tomorrow after I run errands, I go with Jester to the zoo.

Have wanted to do this for a while now…yay for a few days without rain and tornadoes.