Well, today we didn’t go to the zoo and instead did what we could to avoid heatstroke and sunburn.



My head hurts terribly, especially around the eyes and nose and general sinus areas, but I will try and not complain much. I’d rather have random pain in my face than to have that awful, world-ending pain in my jaw again.



What else is there?

Hm. Think I must switch out my keyboard since this one is possessed of a devil and randomly refusing to transfer my keystrokes to the screen. I won’t tolerate it any longer, and in fact, I think it’s one reason why I haven’t made much progress in the story of Wulfhere and Ethelred the Black (you have no idea how pleased I am that Voltaire has written a song titled “Riding A Black Unicorn Down The Side of An Erupting Volcano While Drinking From A Goblet Filled With The Laughter of Small Children”). It’s impossible to WANT to write seriously when I keep finding that every third word is missing half its letters.





I have words, but they puzzle me something fierce.


I see myself all the time as my Wolf, but since he almost never looks at me, I rarely ever see myself through those yellow eyes. But I did the other night, and I am baffled by something.


This requires some serious thought, and I’d think it out here if I thought that would help…but somehow I don’t think it would.