I still don’t have any words. I’ve been catching up on my reading and wondering where I am. I’m not sure where I’ve gone, but although my paws are cracked and bloody, I’m not there yet…I just keep trotting further and further away into what looks like a desert.


I’m not sure what I’m doing.

Waiting for any number of people to either forget or get rid of me, perhaps.

Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if I sent myself away first.


We’ll see.



I have been thinking a lot about a lot of things. Especially about other people.
Do you know why it’s hard for me to make fun of strangers or the people I have to see at work? I think all the time that maybe I will be cruel, but I don’t do it because the thought surfaces in my mind that it doesn’t matter…someday that person will be dead.

I wish it worked as well with people I know and see a lot, but I think that proximity gives me the illusion that they will never die, and so I am not as kind.


Imagine how different I would be towards you if I had it in my mind all the time that you might die and I would never see or speak to or message you again, and I only had that one last opportunity to be kind to you…