Things you can’t live without:

Food. Air. Water. People who care.

…not necessarily in that order.


Something important on your desk:

My flash drive? Idk.


When you sleep you wear:

To be honest, I gave up wearing pajamas this past winter, since it seemed like every time I’d try to go to bed with them on, I’d wake up and they’d be thrown across the room or something. I never figured that one out.


If you could afford it at the moment you would buy:

Idk. Some good stocks? Someone to renovate our poorly put together home (yeah…we had a door literally fall off it’s hinges today…we’re not happy).


One person you have killed in your thoughts:

I told him I’d do it, so he knows. You don’t need to know though.


Three traits you look for in a friend:

I like it when they will listen to me, I like it when they’ll let me help them, and I like it when they take enough time getting to know me that they know when I need their help without my even asking for it.


A compliment that makes you blush:

I don’t really get those kinds of compliments…but I have…I just don’t feel a pressing need to share them with you  😛


The greatest physical pain you ever endured:

That kidney infection. I thought I was gonna die.


The greatest emotional pain you ever endured:

Being slowly killed over the span of three and a half years. But I’m good with it now. I stopped caring…which is just as well, given some recent news.


Moment you are most ashamed of:

When I said I’d kill someone. I meant it, or I wouldn’t be ashamed of it.


One of your most peaceful memories:

Reading Interview with The Vampire by candlelight while it stormed outside. I felt good about that.


One of your most tragic memories:

When I realised I would probably never have it back. That’s what killed me.


One of your angriest memories:

When I said I’d kill him.

My…I seem to be getting repetitive…


A memory that makes you laugh:

Hmm. Let’s go with when my middle sister was mobbed by deer in a petting zoo. I think that was when I realised how much I liked deer…  🙂


A memory that makes you happy:

When Jester said he loved me.


Something someone can say or do that you find unattractive:

Be a jerk for no reason. Sometimes you should just be NICE.


What you enjoy most about having a committed relationship?

I don’t know. That’s kind of a hard question to answer…for me, anyway. I think that before I would have said that I liked knowing that there was someone there for me no matter what…but I don’t know if I think that way anymore. I think that after what happened to my last relationship, I’ve begun to realise just how transient relationships really can be…and the thing that I used to feel most comforted by has wound up being the thing I worry most about.


First Album/CD:

Don’t laugh…but…it was probably the Lion King soundtrack on cassette tape. The first CD  I ever owned was the Mulan soundtrack.


First Time Dying Your Hair:

Shortly after I turned 21.


Last Compliment:

LOL…that woman who said my accent was sexy.  😛


Last Time Driving:

Mmm…couple weeks ago, on the way home from the title agency.


Last Long Car Ride:

Hmm…like, really long? Probably last summer when we went to Michigan. I really wish that had all gone down better, since I didn’t know at the time that I’d probably never be going back there again. Oh well.


Last Good Cry:

My tears disgust me. I would much prefer to disembowel myself than to ever claim having had this fabled “good cry.” More’s the pity that tears apparently remove toxins from the body…I’d rather the toxins just stayed in and slowly killed me.


Last Movie Seen:

Super 8.


Last Phone Call:

Jesse tried to call me, and I tried to call him back, but somehow we missed each other both times.


Last Shoes Worn:

A pair of green flip-flops.


Last CD Played:

Roadside Heretics by The Awakening.


Last Item Bought:

I got a bottle of soda for $.50.


Last Disappointment:

Being told by someone that they give up on me. People will say this to me from time to time, and they seem not to realise that it hurts my feelings. I’ve never said that to anyone. Ever.


Last Annoyance:

A fly that got in the house.


Last Song You Heard:

Tracey – Junkie.

Yes…I know. My favourite band has a fairly high number of songs about drug addicts, prostitutes and the like…


9 Things You’re Looking Forward To

  1. Finishing this book.
  2. Writing a new poem tonight (hopefully).
  3. Getting the title for my car so that it can FINALLY be MY car for reals.
  4. Possibly going to church next week.
  5. Finding a better job.
  6. Seeing Jester when he comes back from vacation.
  7. My birthday (I need to see if there’s anyone else who could be bribed to go to Cedar Point…hm…must get working on that asap…)
  8. The very LAST HP movie.
  9. K and Jon moving and being settled in so she and I can talk regularly again.


8 Things You Wear Daily

  1. Shirt
  2. Pants
  3. shoes
  4. underwear
  5. Hrm. Sorry. I guess I don’t wear more than 4 things for sure on any given day.


7 Things That Annoy You

  1. People who insist on choosing what’s on TV, and then don’t watch it.
  2. When the dogs think they hear my brother and cry and cry and cry until he comes out to see them. SO ANNOYING!!!    D:<
  3. People who get mad at me at work when I’m just trying to do my job.
  4. People making ridiculous messes at work.
  5. Drivers who not only endanger me with their stupidity, but who also make my parents and Jesse unpleasant to be around.
  6. Flies that get in the house and land on every glass and piece of food.
  7. When people close to me get on me for not being nice or not being thankful or not being something, and decide that the best way to make me nice and thankful and wonderful is to say asinine things that, if I ever said to them, they’d feel justified in treating me badly for the rest of the day. These are people I love, of course…but sometimes I have to wonder if they think things through any better than they say I do (which is not at all).


6 Things You Touch Every Day

  1. Cell phone
  2. Clothes
  3. Doorknobs
  4. Sink/shower knobs
  5. Water
  6. Pets


5 Things You Do Every Day

  1. Wake up.
  2. Get dressed.
  3. Talk.
  4. Read.
  5. Walk.


4 People You’d Want To Spend More Time With

  1. K
  2. Melody
  3. Jester
  4. My mom…except not doing stupid stuff at home.


3 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. Legend
  3. Mulan.


2 Of Your Favorite Songs At The Moment

  1. Cover by The Awakening
  2. I don’t know…maybe…I don’t think I have a second one at the moment. Not only have I not been online much lately, but I also haven’t been listening to much music at all…


1 Person You Could Spend The Rest Of Your Life With

  1. The only person I can be 100% sure will be with me all my life is me.