If you could remember, what was the last song you sung?

Probably Happy Birthday. I don’t really sing all that much anymore.


How do you take your coffee/tea?

I don’t, usually.


Ever ran with scissors feeling dangerous?

I did run with scissors once, but I was a small child and under the conviction that I was chasing down ghosts.


Say a sentence you’d think an average Canadian would say.

Said it. Not sure why though, since you couldn’t hear me.  o.O


Do you feel suddenly angry if you see a survey with bad grammar?

I’ve given up being angry at survey grammar long ago. They never get it right.


Do you do surveys because you know people read them?

No. I do them to satisfy my desire to answer pointless questions.


What type of comic books do you read? Or wish you read?

Morbid comics about demon-possessed teddy bears and vampire children.


If you have one, what colour is your cellphone?

Orange and grey. 


Elaborate on what happened in the last book you read.

Right now I’m reading a book about hunting demons in Victorian London.


What colour do you wish your hair was right now?



Have you ever been to an anime convention?

No. I hate anime and if this makes me your enemy, I’m cool with that. I could easily fight you and win while you were stuck in the same scene for 15 minutes.


If you had three dollars and were at 7/11, what would you end up buying?

A soda and candy or beef jerky. Maybe both.


Don’t you hate it when parents think children are too young to understand?

I think adults aren’t that much more capable of understanding in a lot of cases.


Is swearing allowed in your household?

It’s just something that’s not done. Or, rather…I don’t do it. And if I do, then I’ve probably reached an explosive level of anger.


Have you ever had a Furby in your life?

HA! Oh my goodness…that thing was creepy.


Why do you like your favorite colour?

You know, I don’t know. My first favourite colour I like probably because the human range of vision is most attuned to it, and my second favourite is probably because of, you know…symbolism.


Do you think you’ll still like your favorite band in four years?

I can’t imagine I wouldn’t.




Time for work now, creatures. I’m excited because I may not actually have to talk to the guests today…