What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming week?

Seeing Jester when he comes back from vacation.


What did the last text in your inbox say and who was it from?

Ummmmm…I think my last text was from my dad, telling me where he was parked.


What was the highlight of your day so far?

Stefan gave me half his box of pretzel M&M’s at work. I was pretty excited about that.


What’s the last thing you said aloud?



Has anyone ever told you they were in love with you?



Put lyrics from the song your listening to:

“I just believe, I just believe it and sometimes I dunno why. Gotta go with my gut again on this one. Not just a feeling, it’s a reason…”


Would you ever kiss someone 16 or older?

I think that kissing minors could cause me problems at this point, since I’ll be 24 in 9 days…not that I haven’t still had the occasional 16 or 17 year old trying to ask me out at work…

I need to stop looking so young.


Are you doing anything besides this survey?

Listening to music and wishing my head would stop hurting.


Do you have a pet?

We have two beagles, an old cat and a baby cat. I hearts my furry friends…  ^_^


What’s the longest you’ve talked on the phone lately?

Talked a few minutes to Jester last night.


Are you close with that person?

Fairly, I’d say.


What color is your hair?

Varying shades of brown…and it’s turning white now  😦


Who was the last person you saw in person?



Isn’t rain the worst?

Humidity is worse, my dear.


When was the last time you kissed someone?

Last Sunday?


Are you pregnant?

It’s these kinds of questions that make me wonder if guys ever post surveys or if they’re a chick thing. But the answer is no.


Honestly, have you ever done drugs?

Nope. I was never even offered a cigarette until I was 21. Stefan keeps inviting me to go smoke hookah with his friends, but eventually he’ll figure out I’m not going to be swayed…not even for pretzel M&M’s  😛


Have you told anyone a secret today?

I don’t have many secrets these days.


Who, of the opposite sex, do you tell everything to?

I don’t tell everything to anyone. Which…is kind of my problem at the moment.


What did you do this past Friday?

Work. I never do anything interesting on Fridays anymore…except I did read a book that I thought I would hate, but I liked it a lot…I’m sorry it ended.


Who was the last person to tell you they miss you?



What are you thinking about?

Wondering idly where the other me is. Occasionally I get a feeling that maybe my Wolf isn’t a construction, but an actual person…like…my twin brother. I keep an eye out for him, but I don’t really think anything will come of it.


Who is your best guy friend?

I don’t have one that I’m very close with at the moment.


Are you a cuddler?

I wasn’t.


Where did you last sleep other than your house?

Fell asleep at Jester’s mom & dad’s.


Do you remember what you were like a year ago?

Yes. I was still coming down from the height of my monsterous behaviour.


Who was the last person you cried in front of?

Probably Jester. I was secretly wishing I had longer nails so I could rip my eyes out though. I hate hate hate to cry.


Are you a jealous person?

Yes, but quietly so.


Ever had a sleepover with the opposite sex?

A sleepover? Like…with sleeping bags and popcorn and stupid games? Imma have to say no.





Now I will try and sleep.