Yes. I’m doing a new one.



30 Day Challenge


Day 01 —  What is the best part of your day?




It changes from day to day. It might be something cute that my pets do, or a funny moment I have with my youngest sister. I might go for a walk and see something or smell a smell that makes me remember things that hurt me, but that I wouldn’t want to lose. It might be a good part of a book that I’m reading, or I might even be at work and have a good conversation with a guest or a coworker. It might be a text or a message from one of my friends, or a good line that I come up with for a poem, or some time I spend with Jester, or a time when I am thinking about things and, for that one shining moment, they seem to all make sense…



I have good moments. They’re just never the same ones from day to day.