Stolen from: one of my subscriptions, I’m sure.




If I were a month I would be October. Kind of chilly, and not everyone really enjoys me…but I’m pretty colourful and even sunny on occasion, for those who are paying attention.


If I were a day of the week I would be Thursday. I’m not as fun as a Friday or Saturday, but I think there’s something like anticipation that tends to cloud around me.


If I were a time of the day I would be 1am, because a lot of people seem to drop off by the time I’d roll around, and only the ones who are really dedicated stay up to see me through.


If I were a planet I would be Saturn. A little sad and not quite like the other planets…but not in a bad way, necessarily.


If I were a sea animal I would be a penguin. They don’t have to live completely in the ocean, they wear black, and have a healthy fear of leopard seals…


If I were a direction I would be North, because something about that direction is always pulling at me.


If I were a piece of furniture I would be a wingback chair. It’s not necessarily the comfiest seat around, but it’s got personality.






If I were a liquid I would be ink. Not easily erasable.


If I were a tool, I would be a staple gun. I can help put things together, but don’t be an idiot and point me at your or someone else’s face.


If I were a flower I would be a hyacinth, because they’re sweet to the point of being overpowering…but aren’t usually kept for their looks.


If I were a type of weather I would be wind. It can be nice or it can kill you…and its origin and destination are always a source of speculation, since most people don’t understand much about how wind happens.


If I were a musical instrument I would be the French horn. I…er…think this would be more because of it’s constant association with nature than with anything about how this instrument is played…  x_x


If I were a color I would be the darkest of green-blues…the one that you see at twilight under thick trees. It’s the colour my Wolf’s yellow eyes look out from.


If I were an emotion I would be uncertainty.


If I were a fruit I would be a mango. It’s constantly resisting any attempts by a rational human being to cut it up.


If I were a sound I would be the rain on the roof when you are going to bed. You might not always like rain, but you know you’re sad when the sound stops and leaves you alone in the quiet again.


If I were an element I would be fire. I can be pretty useful and comforting, but all it takes is a spark at the right (or wrong) moment to put me in a destructive mood.


If I were a car I would be a 1967 mustang. And I would be purple and call myself a unicorn. (This photo is missing the white racing stripes, but otherwise…it’s perfect.)






If I were a type of food, I would be olive oil. A little of me can make lots of things better.


If I were a material I would be leather. Yes, it might upset people that I used to be a living creature…but I’m fairly sturdy when the situation calls for it.


If I were a scent I would be wood smoke. I tend to linger, and I want people to remember me fondly…


If I were an animal I would be a wolf. I’m intelligent and I can live alongside others…but if I feel like I have to hurt someone, I will.


If I were an object I would be a painting. I have little practical value, but I guess I’m nice for adding interest to people’s lives when they notice me, and for letting them sit around with me and contemplate their lives.


If I were a body part I would be a bone. People don’t really think about what it would be like if I weren’t there.


If I were a facial expression I would be the raised eyebrow. I don’t get lots of things.


If I were a pair of shoes I would be Converse, because they come in every shade and pattern imaginable, and age with character.