30 Day Challenge


Day 07 — Describe someone who is important to you.



This is a difficult task, and I must wonder why it’s always just one person that we’re asked to talk about, as if more than one person at a time isn’t important to us.


No, I don’t know if I can do that, so you all get to be treated to descriptions of all four of them, in order of age from youngest to eldest, so that I cannot make myself worry about harboring secret favouritisms.





She is my best friend, which is funny because we have so little in common.

She likes country music and pop/dance, comedy films, and doesn’t do much recreational reading. Her academic strengths have more to do with science and math than with language and writing, and in social situations she tends to be about as awkward as I am. She seems to like animals a lot, although I seem to recall she has something against horses…? I don’t remember exactly. Nothing against people posing in online role-plays as evil murderous panthers, apparently, since that’s how we ended up as friends anyway.

She’s probably been the blondest of my friends, both literally and metaphorically, but also the best listener and the one that attempts to be most logical. Except in cases where she is talking to me and feels an irrational need to make inappropriate announcements or noises. In emails, too. I have yet to figure this out about her…but I guess nobody’s going to be perfectly sane, right?





Jester is my boyfriend. I met him on Xanga.

He likes a lot of music, some of which I also like and some of which I don’t. He also likes a variety of films, so I can’t really attach any descriptions to him based on what he listens to or watches. He doesn’t seem to do much reading, although this I can probably attribute to lack of spare time. He’s better at maths than I am (most people seem to be), and writes entertaining blog posts, although I am probably less entertained by them than I used to be because half of the longer stories I hear about before they are posted anyway.

He is a ginger, which kind of amuses me since I think I’ve only ever had one redheaded friend before him. Also, I think I can safely peg him as a cat person, but that doesn’t seem to reflect on him socially. He’s possibly the most talkative person I’ve been close to, and the friendliest. I still find it shocking sometimes, actually. It makes me wonder a lot how he ended up dating me, but…I’m not going to complain. ❤





I’m not sure what she is anymore. She’s not my best friend, since we rarely talk and we know so little about each other these days…but I still feel very attached to the memory of being friends with her. I am fairly certain that almost every poem I’ve written is in some way related to her. I usually feel very unpleasant when I try and explain this to myself, but I think at this point that it is not possible. It just happened that way.

When we were close before, she was the sweetest and most positive person I knew, and it makes me feel sad to know that she’s not like that anymore. I wish she hadn’t lost that. But…even knowing this, I still find myself struggling all the time to be the kind of person she always tried to talk me into being, like it would somehow matter if I did. I feel like things would be different if I had seen her for more than a few hours over the past 3.5 years, but I’m not sure if the reason I haven’t made a better effort is because I really don’t care, or because I’m trying not to care so I can be a more normal person.





She is my mom, and she’s not perfect, but I think I turned out okay.

Lots of people are upset or offended by my mom, but I don’t think there’s anything much she could do or say that would throw me off anymore. I spent years being paranoid because she suggested that I might be gay, before eventually deciding that it didn’t matter much if anyone—including my mom—thought something about me that wasn’t true. I’m actually glad she made me worry about what others think of me, so that I could realise on my own that the best thing is to be honest, and let others make of it what they will.

And I do try to be honest and work hard and be a good person as much as I can, not only because I want my mom to be proud of me (she usually seems to be), but because the things that tend to make her proud of me also tend to make other people like me or find me interesting, and I can’t see how I lose in that situation.

It’s also nice to have someone who will bother to listen to me go on when I get taken with something like learning to speak LOTR languages, vampire folklore, or the apocalypse. My friends always seem to draw the line at listening to me go on about those sorts of things…