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30 Day Challenge


Day 08 — Show off something you collect.



I promise I do still intend to repost what I wrote the other night and then took down…but in the mean time, here’s something I collect.



Rubber ducks.



I didn’t start collecting them on purpose though. It was way back when my first internet friends and I were in high school, and Colin (who is from CA), had a family of rubber ducks on his computer desk, and he named the mama duck Walco, and I found a glittery pink rubber duck that I sent to Melody (who is in TN) and which she named Turkle, and Benjy, one of Colin’s neighbors who was on our forum, also had a duck whose name I can’t remember…



And then my mom and my sister, Stacy, found this duck with devil horns and gave her to me. Her name is Sover, and she’s the only one of my ducks that has a name. The baby duck was one I found in the basement of our first house, and the flaming duck was one I bought when Melody and I went to visit Colin and we found a store that sold only rubber duck related stuff…I think Colin ended up with an orange one, and Melody had one with polka dots. It was fun times.


 Sover & family

The rest of these won’t be in chronological order, but in order of ones I like least to ones I’m quite fond of.

Axe duck
This is my least favourite duck. He came in an Axe body wash kit that my parents got my brother, and my brother gave me the duck. I’m not a fan of Axe products, and this duck has a smug, fratboyish look to him. I only kept him because he belongs with all my devil ducks.

New year duck
New Year duckie that my mama gave me for 2008. You can’t see it in the picture, but the year is on his hat.

Graduate duck
Graduation duck. Parents gave him to me when I made it out of college.

Angel ducks
These are my angel ducks. The two on the left came together (think someone gave them to me for Christmas one year), and the other one came in a pack with a devil duck that Mum and I found at the grocery one time. The angel/devil ones were supposed to glow, but the angel one had run out of battery power already when I got it.

Random ducks
The two little ones I got in a rubber duckie kit, and the bigger one was given to me when I was in college, helping with theatre, and ran the lightboard for a production of The Ugly Duckling. The student director was sweet and had made the crew little thank you baskets.  🙂

Pool ducks
Pool duckies. I got the green one for my birthday one year from my youngest sister, and the blue one for Christmas a few years later from my other younger sister.

Fairy tale ducks
Got some fairy-tale and farm duckies…there’s a queen, a fairy godmother, a king, and a pig. Piggy is probably my favourite of these ones.

Zoo ducks
My youngest sister got these from the zoo for me a few years ago. Supposedly they changed colour when you apply heat, but I’ve never gotten them to do it.

Small glow duck
Yellow glow duck
A little and a big glow duck. I could not get them to stay lit at the same time when I was doing pictures. The big one is yellow and quacks when it lights up, and the little one is white. My youngest sister gave me the big one, I think, and I bought the little one along with a little pink and a little blue one that I sent to Melody and Colin.

Heart ducks
Love ducks that my mama gave me one Valentine’s Day.

Science ducks
Mad scientist ducks that my mama gave me around Halloween one year. The one with the green goggles always reminds me of Dr. Horrible…but the one with hair makes me think of Bill Gates.

Redblue ducks
Bath & Body Works duckies. Think I got the red one during a Valentine’s Day sale one year, and got Melody a pink one. The blue one…I’m not sure, but I think my ex might’ve given him to me.

Western ducks
Ye-haw…western duckies. Got these for Christmas, too.

Fairy tale ducks 2
My other fairy-tale/farm ducks…the horse, the knight’s horse, the knight, and the dragon.

Devil glow duck
That is the devil one that went with the angel duck.

Devil glow duck levitates
And here is what he looks like when not glowing. Except…he doesn’t usually look like he’s levitating on my palm.  o.O

Christmas ducks
My Christmas duckies. I’m not too attached to the reindeer ones, but I like the nutcracker and snowman. The snowman creeps me out sometimes, but sometimes I think he doesn’t look so much like a snowman as he looks like an albatross with that big ol’ nose…idk. My mama got me these four at various Christmastimes.

Rock ducks
Rocker ducks that my mama gave me when I was a junior in college and did a video project where my group wrote, shot, and produced a Spianal-Tap-esque short film.

Devil rainbow ducks
I was at a bookstore around Christmas a few years ago and bought two packs of these. One I kept, and the other I split up and mailed some to Melody, Colin, and K.

Blue glow duck
This ducky flashes rave lights at you, and when he’s not doing that, he’s blue and green. Jester got him for me.

Space ducks
My space duckies! The silver one I bought, and the alien one I got for my birthday one year (I think). The alien glows in the dark…but it’s got a pretty cute ducky face.  ^_^

Devil ducks
Ninja duck and pirate duck. They’re Sover’s brothers. Pretty sure my mama gave me the pirate one for Christmas (I seem to get a lot of these as Christmas gifts…), and my brother might’ve given me the ninja one. I can’t recall.

Vampire duck
Vampire ducky. He is maybe my favourite.  🙂

Aaaaannnd…now you’ve seen something I collect, yeh?