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30 Day Challenge


Day 09 — Show us some examples of your favourite tv show, music, food, and places to shop.



Well, I don’t really have a favourite TV show anymore…I can’t really pay attention long enough to watch a whole show anymore, apparently…but I do have all the X Files on DVD, and all of Samurai Jack, too…


This was a clip from one of my favourite episodes.







As for favourite musics, I used to be pretty into the Christian metal genre, and moved into doom and symphonic metal, and from there, into the various styles of music that have goth leanings…I like some industrial, but mostly I’d say I enjoy darkwave, which is primarily goth-type dance music.

Here are some examples of songs I really enjoy.

As for food…I like meat a lot, and I like fruit. I like Mexican-style food, and I get really sick of pasta really easily. That’s about all I can think to say about food.


Places to shop, I have even less to say. I hate shopping unless I know exactly what I want and can get in and out really quickly. Except where books are concerned. I enjoy books a little too much, and if I am in a bookstore for any amount of time, I will probably end up leaving with something, which is why I’ve been trying very hard to not go into any bookstores lately, since I have a gazillion books already that I am trying to read through and decide what ones need gotten rid of.



And that’s all for this entry.