Some interesting and awful and amusing things.




Apparently I am the kind of person that you see and feel an overwhelming urge to confess your wrongdoing to.

Last night we kicked out a ton of kids who were sneaking into R rated movies and being unruly…and I went into a theatre because I’d seen a kid who was legitimately lost earlier in the night go in, and I knew he actually had a ticket for the show in the next theatre over…and when I showed him to the right theatre, this big group of people came out of the theatre he’d been in, and told me they felt bad because they’d also gone to the wrong movie on purpose…

I didn’t throw them out because neither show had started yet, but that was really weird. Usually the people who come to our theatres and show-hop don’t feel bad about it at all.




One of my managers finally gave me a nametag. It’s two-sided and hangs on a lanyard we all wear around our necks…and I didn’t even notice until one of our crew members asked me about it, but he didn’t print it right. It said on one side that I was a supervisor, which is accurate…but on the other side it said I was a manager.

Lots of people got laughs out of my being my own boss.  😛




I can tell that the other new supervisor and I are going to get along well. Today we finally got to have a conversation. He called me the devil.

I’m cool with this though. I told him that I’d just bide my time and my minions and I would get him eventually, and we supposed maybe this was a bad conversation to be having while he was taking a test on how to handle threatening behaviour in the workplace. 😛




I tried to look at the screen on my cell phone, and it’s kind of dim in here…so when I hit the button, I did not see the large fly that was sitting directly on it.  X_X

Worst and most disgusting moment of my day so far.