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Rawrrrgh…I have never been so dissatisfied with any poetry that I’ve sent away. Except maybe the first few I ever did, back when I was in college and sucked at writing and was just too blissfully unaware of how bad it was to be properly dissatisfied…I mean, I knew I was bad, but I didn’t really know.


I am going to get back into a blogging pattern.


Survey. Review. Poem. Random stuff where I may talk like a crazy person.


Except that Wolf has been extremely quiet lately. I think I feel too beat down at the moment to expend any energy on being him. Except for the conversation with my coworker that I wrote about. That was my Wolf peeking out…and I’m not really surprised, since this guy is super gay and the me that is Wolf is bizarrely fascinated with the way gay men talk. And with anyone who wants to call me the devil and gets really embarrassed and flustered when I go along with it. That kind of thing amuses me. Like when K calls me a vampire.


The only other times I’ve seen Wolf lately are when he jumped out and said what was possibly the worst-timed thing he’s said in ages. It didn’t work the way I intended, which is why that me is being scarce right now.

And…the other night when I was waiting for the full moon. I used to like waiting for it. It was like waiting for a mini-Christmas. Not so, now. I mean…I hated it for a while…but idk…I keep getting worried now, so instead of letting myself fall asleep, the me with wild eyes was running around and insisting that I was the same me I have been and that he still belonged to the moon, and demanding that it acknowledge him…


That didn’t happen, of course, but it turned out okay anyway. One less thing to worry about.


Anyway, things to do tomorrow.