I’m tired.


Went to bed later than I should have (not a new thing), and couldn’t fall asleep once I was in bed anyway. Hate that.

Woke up a half hour before my alarm started going off, which meant I only managed to stay asleep for around 3.5 hours anyway…I feel like I’ll make up for it and sleep for 10 hours after I post this, but who knows?


Went to work…wondered why I worry so much about the possibility of being late when I work mornings, since last time I got there 45 minutes before I could clock in, and today I was only 15 minutes early, but the manager wasn’t there when I clocked in, and I’ve managed to be the only supervisor without a key card, so I can’t get into the office to get my keys until someone gets there and can let me into the office…meh. 😛


Felt like a video game character this morning…I am easily defeated by doors. Doors I can’t unlock myself, doors that I have to try every key on before I can get the one that works, doors that trick me into thinking I’m a dummy and can’t figure it out when really the problem is that the lock is broken and I just didn’t know…good times.


Finally got to work with the other new supervisor today. He’s onboard with the rest of the staff about my being a ninja…apparently even with tons of keys, I can sneak up on people. Meh heh heh.  😛
Spent a lot of the day (when not locked in combat with unopening doors (eek…a pun!))  looking for things to do and whenever someone needed us to do something, making a game of it and trying to get there to help them first (except somehow I ended up trying to fix all the broken printers, which was not so good, since I know no more about them now than I did as a crew member), and shooting rubber bands across the office.


I like working with someone on my level as far as new-ness goes. I feel remarkably less foolish about my constant lack of knowledge or about my not having adopted the office demeanour that everyone else has whose been doing this for a while. Of course, this is all probably part of why we newbies don’t get scheduled together…but that’s okay.


Business was exceptionally slow for a Saturday (I work in a movie theatre), but then three of our afternoon people didn’t show up at all, you know, just to make things interesting. And then another one called with an emergency and said she wouldn’t be in…and one of the people who didn’t show up didn’t show up yesterday either, and we didn’t get an answer when we called him, and some of our people who’ve tried texting and tweeting and facebooking him haven’t gotten responses either…

The manager was trying to figure out how to shuffle people around to cover all the missing people, and the other supervisor and I were talking about the one nobody’s heard from…apparently we’d both been wondering if maybe he’d died or something equally awful. We mentioned this and got laughed at for immediately going for the worst possible scenarios. I guess people would rather hope that you just abandoned your job instead of worrying that something awful happened to you. Not sure what to make of this.


Mmm…one of the girls I like talking with at work got bored and was sketching anime-type people. I have in my bag a sketch she made of my idea for a Halloween costume…I am still pretty keen on the idea of dressing as a Victorian gentleman. I need to go to a thrift store or something so I can look for a waistcoat. And I am in need of a top hat. Not so keen on the monocle though.


Anyway…left work eventually and wandered about the mall. Was offended by the number of people in the occult section at the bookstore. I mean, I admit I used to go through that section just for giggles, but there’s some genuinely interesting stuff in there. Hard to browse properly when there’s a half dozen people back there, pulling books out at random and not knowing what on earth they’re laughing about, other then it makes them feel silly or daring or whatever emotion you can think of that would cause you to giggle while simply holding a book on Satanism. That’s dumb.


Left bookstore and went back to the theatre to see Fright Night. It was alright. Bloody and all like vampire movies are supposed to be.


Came home and didn’t do much. Now I will probably post this and go to bed.