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I was interrupted while writing this post and wound up being on the phone for nearly three hours. I am always pleased when K and I can talk for a good long while…although I feel less pleased that I wasn’t really able to help her with her initial reason for calling me this time. I am at a loss for how to advise someone on something that I personally know so little about…meh.  : /






30 Day Challenge


Day 14 — Create a playlist that has meaning for you right now.





Mmm…imma say most of the songs I’ve been listening to lately don’t have particularly meaningful meanings for me. Maybe some vague connections to people or things about myself, but that’s all.


Still, I will post some or you.



Title – Artist


Haunted – Bella Morte

This song I’ve been coming back to periodically…I’ll forget about it for a few weeks, then I’ll listen to it over and over for a while. It reminds me a lot of what I used to be like when part of me was still trapped in a mindset where I could not let go of someone, even though I knew she didn’t need me anymore and hadn’t needed me in a very long time…it was a bad way to be, and I’m glad I’ve gotten past it for the most part…but sometimes I remember and end up listening to songs like this.


Winter Souls – Diary of Dreams

Haven’t been listening to this one as much as I did earlier this summer, or even back in late winter or spring…but I’ve still been listening to it pretty frequently. It was kind of haunting for me when I first discovered it, because I had not really paid attention to the lyrics, and had it on repeat while I was writing, just because I liked the sound…and my poem ended up being about a vaguely demonic entity that takes in fallen angels. The song has a somewhat similar theme of petitioning on behalf of fallen angels, so I can only assume that it influenced me in some way.


Vergissmeinnicht – Eisbrecher

This song is in German, and if I’m honest, I’m not 100% sure of what it’s saying…but I really liked the sound, so eventually I went seeking out translations of the lyrics. I’ve looked at a few different ones, and have been a little shocked that the theme of the song is somewhat similar to that of the first song in my list here. I feel a little weird about it, but I wonder if there was something in the song that I connected with on a subconscious level, since 99.9% of the time, I never even listen to a song once I realise it’s in a language I don’t understand.


Nine Dragons – Faith and The Muse

Mmm…this one isn’t on a very meaningful level for me, but sometimes…every now and then…I get these really big feelings…they’re not violent (although they feel a step away from my violent feelings), but they’re the sort of feelings that (if you get them) make you purposeful and like people had better not try and stop you. Granted, half the time I can’t connect the feeling to an action, and it gets wasted…but when I feel like that, I’ve noticed that there are some songs that amplify it and enable me to carry it a little further and hopefully find some activity to connect it to so I don’t waste my immense feeling of purpose…this is one of those songs. It’s got some pretty intense drums.


A Legacy of Unrest – Rome

I’m not sure who or what to direct this song at, but I feel like I connect to it on some level. I believe it’s from the point of view of someone who is always trying to please various forces or beings or people, and constantly downplaying that he is also a force in the world he lives in…and I’m very much that way. My Wolf understands that he is a force, and sometimes he tries to make things happen for me…but for the most part, I am still always downplaying my opinions and ability to do or cause or change things…and wondering if that’s a good idea. If I trusted myself as a Wolf, I would not be as passive as I am…but as much as I like wolves, they’re never going to be the sort of animals that you can trust.


I Kissed A Girl – Terminal Choice

Heh. I talked to K a little about this song earlier. It’s a cover of a Katy Perry song by a Goth/industrial band. and it’s not so much that it means a lot to me in itself…but it’s the most recent addition to a playlist of songs I’ve collected that seem to have vague homosexual themes. That playlist is meaningful for me, but that’s a totally different story that I don’t feel like retelling right now.


I Only Think of You – The Horrors

This song I got because I liked the sound…and again, when I went and looked at the lyrics I was a little surprised that they fell in with the theme from the Diary of Dreams song and with the poem I had written. It doesn’t usually happen so often that I come across songs with a similar theme without even trying, but it’s been interesting…


Silver bullets – In Strict Confidence

I discovered this band yesterday, and while I haven’t liked most of the songs I listened to from them, I did find three that I was really taken with. This is one of them. And of course, I’ll usually give a song a chance if it has clear references to werecreatures, since that’s something I identify with to an extant…this one was a little puzzling though, since silver bullets are for killing werewolves, but the speaker’s description of himself fits in more with what vampires are like…

And the music video has nothing to do with either, although it was really interesting and their vocalist has crazy eyes.



This is all for now.