So…dehydrated…ugh…  -_-

I’ve drunk threeish cups of water in the last hour or so, and I still feel hot and dehydrated. This is probably not a good thing.


Anyway, I am waiting yet again for my clothes to dry before I go to bed. And in more unrelated news, I think I’ve found a new song to wear out with listening (although I hesitate to post the youtube link, since although the video is kind of interesting, it does feature partial nudity and I am curious as to why youtube hasn’t cracked down on it), and somewhere along the line I’ve dispensed with my more timid self and gone back to the one with fangs.


I’m not that worried about him though. Much more concerned with my plans to maybe go to the zoo on Tuesday, and with getting my days off approved so I can see K in October. I am excited about that. I think we’ve talked three times within the last 7-10 days…granted, this was generally between 11pm and 2am because of our work schedules and the time difference, but I feel okay with that. I like it that she has so much to say to me, even if it’s in the middle of the night.


Think I may have more to say to her about something she was upset about one of the times we talked…hopefully I can persuade her to be less upset. I’m not always incredibly accurate at reading people, especially when they are on the other side of the continent…but I feel bad when I get the impression that someone was half in tears and the only reason they didn’t get worse was because I changed the subject rather than do much of anything to help resolve it. I hate that.


Not that we don’t have lots of fun conversations…





K: Well sometimes I wonder about your secret life…


R: The one where I drink blood and eat small animals whole?


K: yes, those ones. we determined earlier that I am grumbldore.


R: Cool. I’m already Snape, so being bffs works out. 🙂


K: something like that. don’t you kill me at some point?


R: Yeah, but it’s okay. We talked about it beforehand and you said it was the right thing to do.


K: I don’t remember this conversation… Did I sign something? Was I drunk?


R: Mmm…well, you had just been severely cursed at the time…and I did save you from imminent death by giving you a potion that may have had disorienting side-effects…


K: I see, I see… so, speaking to you from beyond the grave… I would have to say I did not favor the outcome of this discussion…


R: Well, I mean, you could totally have come back as a ghost. If it makes you feel any better, I am also dead, and I’m too embarrassed to come back as a ghost because I publicised up some of my more personal memories. I don’t think I was thinking clearly, what with the snake venom and blood loss.






R: So. This half-dead fly keeps bugging out and flying at my computer screen and annoying me…so he landed on my desk and I put a little bathroom water cup over him. I’m like a spider.


K: heh heh, it’s been a while since I’ve done that. although I found TWO (2) spiders today. count them! two!! I took one outside…and I think I squished the other one…


R: I found one here earlier…so…three! Three spiders! I feel like the Count from Sesame Street. One…two…three! Three spiders! Ba ha ha!


K: lol. I’d probably be cookie monster…except the one in the bathroom at the rehab center with a lighter under a spoon full of cookie dough


R: This is after you got caught snorting what…? One…two…three……four lines of powdered sugar? That’s a shame you got put in rehab over powdered sugar. Not even a real cookie… Now that we’re talking about it though…I’m kinda scared to bring Jesse back to my movie theatre. Two of the other supervisors and our sr manager are apparently willing to whore themselves out if he will bring them cookies, since he brought me some the other day.


K: slightly disturbing? lol


R: Cookie prostitutes, man. This is why that rehab thing is a good idea.




I love having friends.  ^_^