The past few hours have primarily been filled with my inner wolfman screaming and thrashing about and clawing his eyes bloody.


I think he’s worn himself out for the moment though, so I’ll be able to post and go to bed soon…but I have done a lot these past few days.



Saturday I had what seemed like a very long day at work, and I tried to get out of there early and failed to do so because some of the others were slacking a little and I ended up doing some things in the office by myself and taking over an hour to finish them up. I don’t remember what else happened Saturday.


Sunday I went to eat with some relatives I haven’t seen in ages. My relatives amuse me…I wonder what they would say if they knew me better than they do. I also ate shrimp that I didn’t hate, but I could only eat a few because I started gagging on the idea of the little shrimpy exoskeletons and legs.

I went to visit with Jester and his parents and I thought that went alright, but later on the evening went bad and caught me off guard. I feel like I should not drive if I’ve been emotionally shaken…I suspect I am already not such a great driver as it is.  : /


Monday I went to work early and was satisfied that even if I drive myself, I manage to arrive early enough that I have to wait for my manager to get there before I can do a thing. Nearly fell asleep at work because I was so bored…sent my trainee home early because business was so slow she didn’t have anything to do. Hoped I am not babying my trainees too much…I just like to make sure they’re well informed so they don’t end up fumbling around like dummies (like myself when I was new) and trying to figure stuff out on their own when it would be so easy to just tell them.

Saw Jester and his parents again and started falling asleep while they watched their Syfy show.


Today I slept in and eventually woke up and went to visit Jester again. Creepers creeping at the gas station I stopped at. I was moderately comforted when I spied a police car in the lot of the gas station across the street.





I don’t know why my Wolf is screaming. He’s been so quiet lately, even when he’s poked his nose in things here and there, it hasn’t been very bothersome.


I don’t like to think that it might actually be the moon that does it, but I have to wonder about it…I mean, I am pretty sure I end up posting similar things almost every month.

I’m just a wolfman, deep down, I guess.


I keep thinking about talking to K about it…because even though I suspect and dread that I will feel like this every time it rolls around, I am also constantly dreading that some night, the moon will come out and I won’t feel like this because it will refuse to own me.


As awful as it is, I am deathly afraid of someday not being a wolf anymore.