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For the last few times I dressed up for Halloween, I went as a vampire. Or just wore my Goth clothes since they don’t get to leave the closet all that much.

A few years ago, my sister had a Halloween party and I dressed up as a sort of evil fairy. Long red and black dress and wings.

Once when I was in high school, I went as a demon hunter with a cape and a staff and a hunting horn.

Think before that I was probably in 8th grade and went as a witch.

Before that, I was a character from the pokemon tv show.

Before that I was all sorts of various animals…once I was a husky with a big puffy face mask. One year I was a dog, one year I was a cat, one year I was a tiger…

One year I had fuzzy orange toe socks that I wore on my arms, and I painted my face orange and was a muppet.

Hrm…when I was a little kid I was a genie one year, and a pumpkin another year, and a witch (again) another year.

My first Halloween costume, I am told, was a little batman pajama outfit with a cape.
My second one, when I was actually big enough to go out in the yard when the older kids were trick-or-treating, was a purple unicorn.

Yes. I was a purple unicorn. And I had a wand and was apparently running around the yard after the older kids, threatening to turn them into bugs.

No doubt I was terrifying.


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